Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mickey and Minnie 3rd Birthday Party

Camdyn and Cade celebrated their 3rd birthday with tons of friends at their Mickey and Minnie Mouse themed birthday party.  We had lots of little ones present, so it was a bit crazy but tons of fun!  

We started out by dancing with poms to "Hey Mickey!"  I made a playlist with a bunch of different Mickey Mouse songs for the party.

Then we searched for the Hidden Mickeys.  I printed little Mickey Mouse pictures and taped them to the mats, walls, barres, and floor of the dance studio.  The kids had a lot of fun looking for the Mickeys.  This was a nice, simple game for 3 year olds.

Here's a picture of our friends hunting for the Mickeys.

We then marched with instruments to "Mickey Mouse Club March," but it was a little too wild to get any pictures.  The kids loved playing all the different instruments.  Then we lined up for Pin the Nose on Mickey.  Luckily, my husband is artistic and could draw a Mickey head for us.

Camdyn sticking the nose on Mickey.  We didn't even blindfold them.  We thought it might be a little scary for them, so we just spun them around and let them dizzily walk to the Mickey to stick the nose on.  

All of our friends sitting at the table ready to eat some yummy cake that Aunt BB made.

Camdyn blowing out her candles on the cake.  There's one additional candle to grow on.  The other ear was Cade's side. 

Cade's turn to blow out his candles.  Cade's Mickey shirt says, "Here Comes Trouble" which I thought was absolutely perfect for him.

My mom made this fruit bowl to look like Mickey.  She asked if there was anything she could do for the party.  Instead of saying, "Sure bring some fruit," I said "Well, actually I saw this really cute fruit bowl on Pinterest.  Do you think you can make that?"  She might not offer to bring anything next time if I'm going to ask her to create Pinterest projects when she volunteers to bring something!

Our 1/2 Minnie and 1/2 Mickey table.

Jim and I spent hours making these Mickey and Minnie headbands for the kids.  They looked really cute, so I guess it was worth it.

Camdyn and Brenna had matching Minnie outfits.  I bought the tutus and then sewed on white felt dots.  They both got ears with big bows.  Don't they look so cute?

I always say I'm going to throw a simple party this year.  Then I start thinking of all these different things that would be cute, and before I know it, I've made it much more complicated than necessary.  Funny thing - On this here PREEMIE blog, the kids' birthday parties get the most hits.  Confession: I'm kind of already planning their parties for next year!

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Andrea Farrell said...

It was such a fun party and I LOVE the girls' tutus! My kids are still enjoying their Minnie and Mickey ears- they wear them around the house all the time.