Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Today was Brenna's first day of 1st grade.  She was very ready to go back to school.  She loves being with all of her friends and was getting a bit tired of hanging out with her little brother and little sister all day.  It was definitely time for school to start!

Cade (3), Brenna (6), and Camdyn (3)

Ready for the first day of first grade!

She went right in, sat down at her table, and started coloring.  I gave her a hug and told her I would see her after school.  She started to get quiet, and I thought tears might start soon, but instead, Camdyn burst into tears.  I think that threw Brenna off.  Instead of her crying, she was consoling Camdyn saying, "It's okay, I'll see you right after school."  How sweet is that?

I carried Camdyn out of the room in tears with her repeating, "My want sissy!"  It was pretty sad, and being the awesome parent that I am, I put her down so I could get a picture of this great face!

Brenna said she had a great first day.  She told me her teacher was nice, and she has friends in her class.  Looks like it's going to be a great year (if Camdyn can just get used to the idea of Sissy going to school)!

Good Bye Summer, You've Been Great!

I've been a lazy blogger lately.  I had intended to create separate posts about each of our fun adventures this summer, but here we are at the end of summer, and I have fallen really short of that goal.  In an attempt to catch up, I had to choose just one or two pictures from each of our fun activities and create an overview instead.

I love the summer!  I'm not a summer-bucket-list-writing type of person, but we did do a lot this summer.  I've never created one of those check list for fear that I would not accomplish everything on the list, and then instead of it being fun, I would be completely stressed by it.  This summer was so much fun because Camdyn and Cade were old enough to really enjoy going places.  

We took a weekend trip to stay at the Horseshoe Bay Marriott Resort on the lake.

We attended a Round Rock Express baseball game (and ate cotton candy, of course, and got really sticky!)

 We listened to great music and watched awesome fireworks at the Leander Liberty Fest.

We played with our NICU buddies.  That's two sets of triplets, twins, and a big sister!

We watched Daddy play softball.

 The girls had a ball at princess camp.

We stayed at the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort for a weekend with a group of friends where we swam, rode a carriage, watched a movie on the lawn, and made lots of smores!

We splashed at some splash pads.

The kids all took swim lessons.  

We went to the beach with the family where we jumped the waves, built sand castles, ate lots of yummy BBQ, and learned that Brenna is deathly afraid of crabs!

We visited the Texas State Aquarium.  I think this picture is so cool with their silhouettes and the dolphin behind them.

We rode the metro-rail downtown to visit the Austin Children's Museum where they played with trains and balls and building pieces and lots of other cool stuff!  

Brenna created this masterpiece.

We ended our summer fun with a trip to Volente Beach Waterpark.


And we fit in lots of snuggles!