Thursday, May 23, 2013

NICU Visit - 3 Years Old

I'm going to try to play a little catch up on this here forgotten blog.  I remember following blogs when my kids were in the NICU, and then suddenly they would stop writing.  Then I was left to wonder how their kids were doing.  I'll try to avoid leaving my blog followers wondering for so long.

I took the kids to the NICU for a visit in mid-April since they turned 3.  I wanted to show all of our wonderful doctors and nurses how big they are now.  It's so rewarding to go back to visit because they all seem so genuinely excited to see them.  I think it helps remind them why they do what they do every day - so hopefully the tiny babies they take care of will come back to visit as big (and hopefully healthy) kids!

 Cade is such a flirt.  He went right up to his former nurses and gave them all a big hug and a sly smile.  They loved it!

Above - Dr. Breed with Cade and Camdyn just before discharge.
Below - Cade giving Dr. Breed a high five!

I can not say it enough - We LOVE Dr. Breed and Dr. McCormick!  They were both amazing, caring doctors.  The entire time we were there I know that our kids' health and well-being never left their mind.  I know they thought about the best course of treatment for them both when they were on call and when they were home.  We will forever be grateful for the wonderful care they gave our micro-preemies.

We were lucky enough to visit when Dr. Breed was leaving and Dr. McCormick was coming in so we got to see both of them plus some of our awesome nurses!

This set of stairs was my source of exercise for 4 1/2 months.  I avoided the elevators when I could because it always seemed like every time I stepped foot in them so did a beaming father or grandparent with a bouquet of pink or blue balloons welcoming their new healthy baby.  I just couldn't take it - so I took the stairs!

 And here is the wishing well where Brenna threw pennies in every time she visited the hospital.  This is also where I would sit to get some fresh air from time to time and pray, but then again, I prayed everywhere.

I can't wait to take the twins back to visit for the NICU reunion and then again next year.

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