Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Time !!!!!

I can hardly believe that this day has finally arrived.  We have been going to the hospital for over 4 months now.   We have seen probably 100 babies come into and leave the NICU during our stay.  We have seen all the parents carrying in their car seats in preparation to take their baby or babies home.  So, it's hard to believe that we are actually there.  We brought their car seats in last night, watched our discharge videos, and got some training on the feeding tubes.  We have the official training this morning.  Then we get to room-in tonight.  We have been passing the room-in rooms every day going to the NICU.  Again, I can't believe we are finally getting to room-in.  I am so excited that I woke up early for no reason.  I should have been getting my last bit of sleep since we will be up every 3 hours to set up their feeds.  Soon I'll be posting the "Coming Home" post that everyone has been waiting for.

   By the way, Camdyn's MRI was great!  We feel so blessed to have two good MRI scans for Cade and Camdyn.

Today Camdyn weighs 7 lbs and Cade weighs 9 lbs!

Daddy getting the pack-n-play ready at the house.  We have no nursery set up in this house.  We just put the pack-n-play in our room and the changing table, swings, and bouncy seats in the living room.  They will get a nursery in the new house, which should be complete soon.  Most new parents, including myself with Brenna, have their nurseries all set up before their baby arrives.  We set up all their stuff in two days.

Daddy bringing in the car seats and bases for their car seat study.

Daddy going in to the NICU with empty car seats.  I can't wait to take the picture of us going out of the NICU with full car seats!


inside the NICU  


Jenn Fagan said...

AHHHH!!!!! That's how I feel inside. Oh my gosh I am ecstatic. Enjoy, enjoy!!!

Shelly said...

I am overjoyed for you all! I got chills when I saw the post b/c we've all been waiting to receive this incredible news. We will anxiously await the next post and pics of the babies at home and complete that beautiful family! God is Good!

Silvia said...

I'm soo happy for you guys! Congratulations on soon having your babies home. I love those pictures of Jimmy - he is all smiles :)
And I agree ... God is Good!

Lachelle said...

I am so excited for you Michelle. I'm getting misty just thinking about it. Congratulations and I am looking forward to the pictures of them leaving tomorrow!

Megan said...

This is great news! I hope the rooming in goes well. We didn't sleep a wink during our rooming in. Charlie was confused as to why we were there all night long and pretty much just wanted play. I hope some -or all!- of you do get some sleep.