Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Thoughts

I talked to the doctor today, and it looks like we just might get to take Camdyn and Cade home together.  They will both come home with feeding tubes.  Camdyn will continue to learn to take her bottles at home, and Cade will continue with tube feeds until he sees the ENT at Dell Children's hospital.  We hope to get good news at that point.  Please keep praying for us on that one.  Cade gets circumcised tomorrow (poor baby), but it means he is coming home soon!  Camdyn will get her MRI either tomorrow or on Wednesday.  Pray for us that her MRI comes back good too.  We require a lot of prayer, so it's a good thing that people are praying for us all over the world!  Jimmy and I will have to learn how to insert the feeding tube and use the equipment.  It is kind of a scary thought, but I'm sure that once we learn and get used to it, it will be no problem. 

They are planning on having us room-in sometime this weekend!  I really can't believe it.  We pass those rooms every day on our way into the NICU, and it feels like we are never going to be "those people" - the lucky ones who get to take their baby, or babies in our case, home.  Soon, we will be "those people".  Of course, this is not how I envisioned it.  I was hoping to take them home without tubes or monitors, but none of this has been how I envisioned it.  You don't ever think you are going to go into unexpected labor at 24 weeks after a completely healthy pregnancy with no signs of early labor when you get pregnant either, but life sometimes deals you an unfair blow, and I suppose, you just have to go with it.  We are fortunate enough to be taking home TWO 24 week twins which is itself a MIRACLE!

Brenna will be ready for her "girl baby" and "boy baby" to come home.  You should see how she washes her hands now.  She tells every one, "this is how Mommy say to do it," as she scrubs all between her fingers.  The other day after taking her to the bathroom, I was helping her wash her hands.  She is so cute.  She scrubs all between her fingers, on top of her hands, and all the way up to her elbows just like we do at the NICU.  How cute! (and sanitary)  That will come in very handy since Mommy is going to become a crazy germ freak.

Talk about anxiety - I have had some crazy dreams lately.  My first crazy dream was that I was driving in the middle of the afternoon and all of a sudden it became pitch black outside.  I turned on my headlights, but there still wasn't enough light.  Then I turned on my brights and could barely see in front of me.  The wind started blowing uncontrollably, and I thought a huge storm must be coming.  My second crazy dream is pretty funny.  I dreamt that Jimmy was finished building the house and he told me we were going to have some roommates.  Our new roommates were Dr. McCormick and Dr. Breed.  I'm not sure if that means I feel like they are a part of my personal life or if I would like for them to move in.  I have to say that sure would make things easier!

A note on stress - I have been so stressed out lately by the complexity of our situation that I have actually developed TMJ (your jaws hurt from clenching or grinding).  I went to the dentist to make sure I didn't have a cavity.  They took an X-ray and determined my teeth look perfect; it was TMJ.  The dentist asked me if I have been under a lot of stress.  I simply answered, "Yes."  He then told me that if I just "took a break" or "removed my stressor" it would probably go away.  Nice idea, huh?  I thought it was pretty funny.  He had no idea that my "stressors" are my twins who have been in the NICU for over 4 months and that they would probably continue to stress me out for years to come.  That evening as I was taking a shower, I noticed that my body wash was titled "Stress Relief".  For the second time that day, I had to laugh to myself.  Wouldn't that be nice if you could just bottle up stress relief in a pretty little bottle with a gold label? 


Natalie (aka Momma) said...

Michelle - I am so excited for your twins to come home! I know it isn't exactly how you had hoped it would be, but you will be so happy to have them with you and not have to drive to the NICU every day. Let me know if you need some company or help once you get home. I'm cooped up in the house with my twins and am always looking for a distraction or adult company. Best wishes!

Vanesssa said...

I am so happy for all of u to finally b able to take the boy and girl(Brenna) home with u, it will b great and it wil b alot of work. Don't they have an in home car giver coming to see u to learn to flush his feeding tube? th only reason I asked is because thats what my sister does, just once or twice a week . U r the strongest person i know I am so proud of u.
Love and prayers, Vanessa and grace H.

Michelle said...

We are getting trained on how to do everything in the NICU tomorrow night and on Friday morning. I'm really not too worried about it. We have been there so long that I feel like I could easily be a NICU nurse.