Tuesday, September 21, 2010

5 1/2 months old

Brenna just before dance class.  Tutu cute!

Camdyn has been all smiles lately.  It is so sweet.  In this picture, her cousin Brylee was getting her to smile really big.

Camdyn looks like she's saying, "Wait Mom, I'm not ready yet."

my cute babies being nice

. . . and not so nice

. . . and nice again

Brenna decided that Camdyn wanted to play dress-up.  Camdyn does not look nearly as excited as her big sister.

Camdyn's cute toes in her tutu.

Daddy with the babies on the couch.  They take up a lot more space on us now than they did.  I posted 2 pictures below to show you just what I mean.

That's all of Camdyn in his right hand.

They both fit on my chest with room left over.  In this picture they were a combined weight of 5 lbs. - Camdyn was 2 lbs; Cade was 3 lbs.

The babies decided to pull their nose tubes out so I had to take the opportunity to take some pictures with no tubes. 

Camdyn and Cade with no tubes.

cute naked babies after their baths

Last week at our doctor's appt., Camdyn weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz, and Cade weighed 11 lbs. 11 oz.  Camdyn only gained 5 oz. since the previous week.  Cade gained 11 oz.  Our pediatrician told us to give her more gavage feeds.  She now takes 4 bottles and 4 gavage feeds a day.  She is capable of doing more bottles, but she doesn't gain enough weight.  I wish I could lose weight just by the exertion of eating!  Hopefully, she will have a bigger weight gain this week.  She has been off of her oxygen since last Tuesday!

Here's a sampling of how our weeks go now:  Tues.- babies get blood drawn.  Wed. - Camdyn goes to pulmonologist.  Thurs. - babies go to pediatrician.  Fri. - Brenna and I go to dentist.  Mon. - occupational therapist comes to the house.  Wed. - pediatrician again.  Thurs. - Cade goes to get swallow study.  The sad part is that I dress the babies up to go to all these appointments like we are going somewhere fun.  These are their only outings so I have to use all their cute outfits.

God - We are so thankful for the health of the babies right now.  We ask that you continue to keep them healthy and help them grow stronger every day.  We are thankful that Camdyn is off of oxygen, and we pray that she will continue to do well without it.  We pray for good weight gain for both Camdyn and Cade.  We pray that Cade will be able to safely eat some consistency during his swallow study next week and will be able to begin oral feeds.  We ask that you keep all the rest of us healthy as well.  Amen.


Mary Beth Hawkins said...

Thank you so much for your blog. Our family has been keeping close track of your family and have prayed with the good news and bad. God has used this to teach my children and us so many lessons. We are so thankful for you. Be blessed.

Mary Beth
Mary Lou's Daughter

Mary Beth Hawkins said...

The children are beautiful!

Mary Beth

Heather Muesse said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Those are the cutest little miracles EVER! They are getting so big; we can't wait to meet them!

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle,
These babies are way too cute!! I love how you decribe your blog on you have a right to worry. I have been working in Labor and Delivery and trust me when I see a mom who had to go through what you are going through and then see a mom who makes it full term. It is to completely differnt vibes in the room. You are right we all worry about are children no matter if they go full term or not. It is a blessing each and everyday and it is something that should never be taken lightly. Stay strong these babies are lucky to have such a strong mom and dad. If you need anything please call.
Your friend,
Sarah Bush

Donna Mossholder said...

Oh my gosh Brenna is sooooo adorable, as are your other bubs. They look sooooo awesome and Cade looks more and more like daddy:) and Camdyn just melts my heart!!! I am so happy she is off of the 02. Hope all goes well with the ENT. See you Monday!!!