Sunday, March 20, 2011

"Mother of the Year" finalist

I was competely surprised last week when Ms. Katie (a teacher at the studio) e-mailed me to tell me she saw me in the paper and congratulated me.  I had no idea what she was talking about; I actually thought maybe she sent an e-mail to me by mistake that she meant to send to someone else!  I had to call her to ask, and she told me, "You are a finalist for "Mother of the Year" for the Leander/Cedar Park area.  I figured you already knew that."  WHAT?!

I later found out that my wonderful mother wrote an entry essay about me and entered me in the competition.  Judges chose my story as a finalist for the "Mother of the Year" competition.

It seems so strange to me because when I think of people who should have that title, I think of the moms who have special daily activities planned for their children, take frequent trips to the library and zoo, plan scavenger hunts, go to museums, and fill their children's schedules with park playdates.  Ha - that's no where near what we do.  We fill our children's schedules with doctor and therapy appointments and find some old book laying around the house to read before bed.  A trip to the zoo is not necessary; just go into our living room!  Our scavenger hunts consist of trying to find where Camdyn has crawled off.  We aren't trying to win any awards around here; we're just trying to get through the day!  So, I was completely surprised and honored to be selected as a finalist.  Now I can use that against my kids forever.  "Hey, I was chosen as "Mother of the Year" finalist 2011.  Don't mess with me!"  Ha- I can't wait.  I can already foresee rolling eyes and sassy looks in return.

I would love votes because even though just being a finalist is totally cool, winning a $500 spa gift certificate isn't so bad either.  Click on the Leander/Cedar Park area and then click on "Michelle Hansel"; it's misspelled on the ballot, but it's me!

Thanks Mom for nominating me and for truly being the best mother ever!


Jan said...

That's so cool! Congratulations!

Andrea and Jason Farrell said...

I can't think of anyone more deserving! I voted for you!

trendz said...
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Mindy D. said...

Very awesome! Way to go Deb on nominating Michelle! I voted and will tell all to do the same!

Julie Harmon said...


Via Bridget's post I just read all your blogs up to now and I had tears in my eyes. You're family is so strong and the babies are beautiful!