Thursday, March 10, 2011

11 Months (7 months adjusted)

It's hard to believe that in only 1 more month the babies will be 1!  They are in so many ways still like infants - 7 month olds.  I am so excited that we are approaching their first birthday.  It is such a huge milestone.  I have been wishing for them to be 1 since they were born.  I have already ordered invitations and birthday outfits and set up their first birthday photo shoot.  I had a hard time finding a birthday outfit for Camdyn because they don't make 1st birthday outfits in size 3-6 months.  I ended up ordering some on etsy; Camdyn got a size 6 months, and Cade got a size 18 months.  I had a lady ask me the other day how much difference in age they were.  When I told her they were twins, she said she thought that they might be but she also thought they could just be really close together.  The last time they were weighed Camdyn weighed 14 lbs, and Cade weighed 20 lbs, but that was several weeks ago.


Cade - Cade is EATING!  YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!  Well, he is not "eating" in the same way that you all might think of "eating", but he is accepting a few bites, swallowing them, and not choking or gagging.  This is huge!  I am thrilled!  He has been going to private therapy for feeding weekly, and I love our new therapist.  She has helped him make tremendous progress, and it is more than exciting to see him progressing.  He is still having a lot of trouble with the bottle.  Most people start weaning the bottle at around a year old, but we will be ecstatic if he can learn to drink from a bottle at a year old.  Cade hasn't thrown up in weeks now, and he is no longer gagging/coughing all the time.  He actually puts his hands, toys, and FOOD in his mouth now!

He now rolls over both ways by himself.  He still is not crawling or even scooting, but we are working on that.  He sits better by himself for longer periods but he still needs someone there because he does eventually topple over.

Camdyn - Camdyn is doing much better at eating as well.  She still isn't great at it either, but she is making progress.  She takes most of her bottles better as well.  The pediatrician told us to start adding butter or flax seed oil to her food to add calories.  We need to fatten her up!  (No one is telling me to add butter to my food!)  Hopefully, she will have some good weight gain with her new fat diet.  I am excited to see what her weight will be at her next appointment.

Camdyn is cruising all over the house now and getting in to everything - mainly whatever Brenna is playing with.  I didn't know that sisters can fight at such an early age, but they do.  I constantly hear Brenna yelling at Camdyn, "NO Camdyn - bad girl!"  Shortly after that, I hear something like, "Mommy, Camdyn is eating my puzzle pieces and getting them all yuck."  It's hard not to laugh.  I almost think Camdyn might be doing it on purpose just to irritate Brenna.  Cade just watches the girls "argue" and laughs.  I have a feeling this is how it is going to be in our house for now on.  It really is pretty funny.

I am just overjoyed at the progress they are making.  Every milestone is such an accomplishment, and I feel so blessed every day.

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