Friday, July 15, 2011

15 Months (11 months adjusted)

The babies went in for their 15 month check-up this week.  They were 15 months old on July 5, but our appointment wasn't until this week, so I thought I would wait to post after our visit. 

It is so strange that they are 15 months old and haven't even reached their adjusted age first birthday yet.  I'm already planning on having another 2 parties for them - nothing big, just some cupcakes.  We have to celebrate their adjusted age first birthay the week of July 25-30 which was their due date.  I'm happy we were never given an exact due date because I don't have to be reminded on any certain date that they should have been born on that date instead of 4 months earlier.  Then, of course, we have to celebrate their homecoming date of Aug. 14th.  I'm sure this all sounds crazy unless you have been through it.  Those that have know that every day is a celebration anyway, so why not declare it a celebration?  They've earned it.  Plus, that means Brenna and I get to make lots of cupcakes and lick the bowls (her favorite part)!  Then we will rejoice as Cade (who wasn't eating anything by mouth only 6 months ago) shoves the cupcake in his mouth happily.  Oh yes, we will party.

What's up with the babies?

Camdyn -

Camdyn gained a pound!  She weighs 17 pounds!  She's really  packing on the weight now (okay, so that may be a slight - or huge- stretch, but she has been gaining more quickly lately).  She has finally reached size 6-12 months.  Eating is going better with her, but she has gained a newfound independence that can make feeding her difficult.  She wants to do things her own way, when she wants to, and no one can tell her anything differently!  We have one more hard-headed, independent woman on our hands.  I tell you; I don't know where they get it! 

She is pulling to stand, cruising along furniture, and standing on her own for about a minute at a a time.  I think she is very close to taking her first few steps soon.  That is going to be so exciting.  She is imitating more sounds and can say a few words - buh-bye, mama, dada, ball.  She is communicating more with a few signs and gestures.  We're working on vocalizing more words and communicating with signs in speech therapy.  I feel like she understands a lot of what is being said; she just doesn't know how to communicate what she wants yet.  We are still struggling with holding and drinking from a sippy cup.  She will be working on that in occupational therapy.

Cade -

Cade now weighs 20 pounds, 9 ounces.  He is finally gaining again.  He had lost weight when he was sick, but he is slowly putting it back on now.  He has been eating great lately!  He even held a spoon, brought it to his mouth, and ate off of it today.  I was very impressed.

Cade is also pulling to stand and cruising along furniture.  He can stand on his own too but only for about 20 seconds.  Cade has really started to imitate a lot of sounds recently.  I can tell that he wants to make the sound even if he can't get it right yet.  He can say the same words as Camdyn, but he doesn't say them as often.  I know he understands me when I speak or use signs, but he isn't really using any signs yet.  He pays attention when I am telling him words though.  I can see his little brain working and processing the word.  Cade is also still struggling with a sippy cup.  He did surprise us yesterday though by drinking from a straw!  I've tried again, and he wasn't interested, so I guess we'll see where that goes.

I asked the doctor about removing the g-tube, and he thought it was still a little early.  Cade will have to go back to the ENT to be scoped again, and he'll have to do another swallow study.  The scope will tell us how his vocal cords are functioning and how they are protecting his airway.  The swallow study will show us if he is swallowing safely.  They are still a little concerned about his pneumonia in May.  They want to make sure that it was not due to aspiration (food in the lungs) before making any decisions about removing the tube.  I want the tube out, but I also don't want there to be any chance of having to do another surgery if he were to need it back in.  The tube really isn't a problem.  It doesn't bother him at all.  I think it bothers Camdyn more.  She always wants to pull on it in the bathtub. 

Overall, they are doing very well.  It seems that we have spent the majority of our summer in therapy.  We spend 2 hours on Mondays in occupational therapy, 1 hour on Wednesdays in occupational therapy, 2 hours on Thursdays in speech and physical therapy, and 1.5 hours on Fridays in speech therapy camp.  It can become overwhelming, but I love seeing the benefits of all the therapy. 

The babies are at such a fun age where they are discovering everything.  It has also been a lot of fun watching them interact with Brenna and Brenna interact with them.  She talks to them just like the speech therapist does - "do you want the ball - ba-ba-ba-BALL?"  I also hear her cheering them on when they are cruising along the furniture or reaching for a toy - "you can do it Camdyn - good girl!" or "come on bubba - good boy!"  It is so sweet.



Anonymous said...

Those kids are definitely an inspiration and I so happy that they are doing better and better each and every day. What a blessing!! I really cant wait until our families can get together again even foe just a weekend!!


Jessi said...

I agree that each of those days should be celebrated! Sounds like Camdyn and Cade and doing great!