Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I have to take a moment here to reflect on how far we have come.  Here's a picture taken last July.  I've included part of the blog post from a year ago. 

My babies are finally together again after 13 1/2 weeks. (7/6) They are now in the same crib together, and they look so cute. They get to cuddle up next to each other. It is slightly easier to leave the NICU now because at least I know they have each other. On the 4th, all the open crib babies had flag blankets on. It was so cute. They looked like a little parade of patriotic babies. Notice that both Camdyn and Cade have no cannulas! They can breathe! All by themselves!

and now . . .  Not only can they breathe all by themselves - they can smile, laugh, play, get into everything, give hugs and kisses, and even fight with each other and their big sister! 
Looking back at old posts brings the memories back so clearly as if it was just yesterday.  I can feel all the pain and joy so vividly.  Because the pain and worry of those days still feels so real, I don't look back at old posts very often.  I end up in a mess of tears (like I am right now), but wow, have we come a long way.  I am so thankful that the babies are doing so well.  I thank God every day. 

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Sarah Pope said...

Wow! You are so lucky that your little ones came off the O2 so soon! Sometimes I wonder if the pain of our NICU days will go away with time....but then, I would hate to forget ANYTHING because it would almost be like all of the miracles didnt happen. To answer your question on my blog, we dont have in-home therapy. I wish we did! Anyway, all three of your munchkins are absolutely beautiful!