Saturday, October 1, 2011

When will she say more than "aaaaa"?

Just a few weeks ago, Camdyn was talking more than Cade.  She had words.  Now she just resorts to using "aaaaa" for everything.  She was able to say mama, dada, hi, bye, dog, blo (for block), baa (for the sound of a sheep), fish, dog, ball, car, and probably a few more that I can't remember right now.  Recently, she has only been saying mama, dada, hi, and bye.  Everything else is "aaaaa".

Her entire vocabulary consists of how many "a" sounds she uses and with what emphasis.  "Aa" means "this" or "that" as in pointing to an object.  "Aaa" means "I want my sippy cup".  "Aaaa" means "Cade stole my sippy cup, and I want it back."  "Aaaaa" means "Brenna won't let me in the toy room."  "AAAAAAA" means "Brenna is trying to make me be a doll again, and I don't want to."  

It's very frustrating!  In the car, I'm constantly asking Brenna why Camdyn is screaming again.  We work so hard on speech.  She goes to speech therapy weekly.  We do flash cards.  We flip through the communication book I made for them with big pictures of objects on each page.  We read books.  We watch Baby Signing Times.  I tell her the names of objects over and over.  We practice imitating sounds.  I let her throw fits to get her to try to use words, signs, or at least gestures as to what she wants.  The therapist has told us we shouldn't just give her what she wants but encourage her to let us know with something more than "aaaaaa".  I don't know what else we can do.  I just want her to start showing us more communication skills.  I know she understands language; she is just having trouble expressing it.  It's really nothing to worry a lot about at this point as she is scoring fine on her developmental tests.  It's just very frustrating for me.


Megan said...

I hear ya! It was a big turning point when Charlie started using some signs. It'll get better, don't worry! (Just not on your time line, on hers!)

Jessi said...

Oh I hear ya! Jack is so frustrated because he can't seem to tell us what he wants. He has his choice 5 words and doesn't want to venture too much outside that box. We are working, working, working on it. I know it will come..

Sarah Pope said...

Gosh, I can understand your frustration...except ours is in the form of eating. It's amazing how things 'click' in their own time...but it can drive YOU CRAZY waiting! She'll get there. She's doing so great in other areas!