Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fall Photos

My good friend, Jennifer Glynn-Schattle, took these wonderful fall photos for us at a local pumpkin patch last month.  I wanted to make sure to post them before Christmas creeps up on us.  I love how these pumpkin photos turned out.  The kids were enthralled with all the pumpkins.  I loved watching them crawl over the pumpkins and try to pick them all up.  It was a great day!  I had a hard time narrowing my favorites because they were all fantastic.

my lil' pumpkins in the pumpkins

All 3 of my precious pumpkins.  Aren't those tights the cutest?

We posed the kids like this, but Cade had other plans.  He decided to pull his sisters in the wagon.  I didn't think he would be strong enough, but before I knew it, the girls were rolling down the hill, and I was running after them to stop the wagon!

Cade and Camdyn enjoyed being pulled in the wagon through the pumpkins.

my beautiful Brenna

I love how the sun is shining behind her on this one. 

my adorable Camdyn - Her eyes look so amazing in this picture.

Cade was very serious for most of his photo shoot.  Even so, he still looks adorable with his white-blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

I tried to get him to smile in this picture.  I threw my hands up and told him to yell, "Yay!"  This is the silly face we got.  Isn't it precious?

Thank you Jennifer for all of these awesome photos and for all your patience with my kids.  Check out Jennifer's blog at


Jen Schattle said...

Love your sweet kids!!

marcie said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful kids!

Andrea Farrell said...

Those pictures are amazing. You have beautiful children!

Sarah Pope said...

Awwww I love them all!!! I also like your new blog layout...I was thinking of updating mine here soon too! Thanks for sharing all of the photos!