Thursday, November 3, 2011


I know it's past Halloween, but I'm just getting around to posting all our cute Halloween photos.  Last weekend, we took the kids to another fall festival.  They had several different activities, and the kids loved it.

Little Bo Peep took her sheep for a spin in the pink Barbie Mustang.  Doesn't it look like a cartoon?

Jim's look cracks me up here.  Can't you just hear him saying, "Do you really have to take a picture right now?  Can't you put the camera down and grab a kid?"  As I was taking the picture, I was already planning the photo description - 'Daddy herds the sheep'.  I didn't realize how appropriate their costumes were until then.  We are constantly herding our little sheep these days.  They are enjoying their newfound independence with walking.

Daddy helped Brenna make a pencil box at the Home Depot booth while the babies enjoyed banging blocks together.  Cade wanted to hammer something too, but we quickly put a stop to that.

Camdyn's first pony ride.  She wasn't too thrilled.  She wanted Daddy to hold her about halfway through.

Brenna loved the pony ride.

Cade's first pony ride.  He looks very bored in this picture, but he actually loved it.  He cried when we took him off the pony.

Brenna holding a baby chick in the petting zoo.

On Halloween, we had our niece, nephew, and our new neighbors come over.  We had fun painting pumpkins, decorating cupcakes, and eating hot dogs before going trick-or-treating.

ready to go trick-or-treating

The babies trick-or-treating with Aunt BB.  They really enjoyed walking up to the different houses, and all the neighbors loved their costumes.

It's finally getting to be long-sleeve weather here in Texas.  I couldn't wait to put Cade in this adorable shirt I found.  It says, "for a small guy, I'm still a BIG DEAL"  I just love it!


Jessi said...

So cute! Looks like you all had a great time.

lou lou said...

i so enjoy reading your blog michelle. good running into you today in target.