Monday, December 12, 2011

Partners in Crime

Twins are twice the fun AND twice the mess!    I think they plot together to find ways to make the biggest mess possible.  Their ability to destroy things around the house has grown as they have grown.  As much as we try to baby-proof the house, they find ways to get into EVERYTHING!

Mission 1: Pull all the toilet paper off the roll.  Cade's job - unroll the paper.  Camdyn's job - spread it all around the bathroom.

(Camdyn gets slightly distracted from her job while making the toilet paper into a hat.)

Busted as Mom walks in.  Camdyn, "Oh, hi Mom, would you like some paper?"

Mission 2: Open the pantry, pull the cereal box down, dump the box on the floor, and eat cereal off the floor.  Cade's job - all of the above.  Camdyn's job - wait until brother does all the above and join him in eating cereal off the floor.

Mission accomplished. 

Mission 3: Roll the laundry hamper from the laundry room into the office and proceed to scatter laundry around the office.  Side mission: Pull all cards and books off the shelf and scatter those around too.  Status: Mission accomplished.

Mission 4: Find the only tape in the entire house (an old dance critique tape) and unwind the entire thing.  Cade's job - unwinding and unwinding and unwinding.  Camdyn's job - watch as brother does the above.

Status: Mission accomplished.

Cade is most definitely the master mind in all destructive missions, but Camdyn is never far behind.  She serves as the trusty sidekick and accomplice.


Wiley said...

That is a lot of paper.

Jessi said...

Oh these pics cracked me up!!