Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Year in Numbers

2011 was our year of appointments.  The twins came home in August of 2010, and by the time we set up early intervention services, it was already September.  We had a lot of appointments from Sept.-Dec. of 2010, but this year, we've had a full 12 months of intensive therapy in addition to our regular check-ups.  You may be surprised by some of our numbers.  I know that several of the calculations surprised me.

Number of therapy, doctor, and specialist appts. - 232!

Amount we spent in co-pays in 2010 - $16,000

Amount we spent in co-pays in 2011- $10,535.22 
(better but still a lot!)

Amount insurance has paid out on our kids - $15,776
(much better than the 1.5 million they did last year)

Number of therapist, doctors, and specialists we've seen - 15
(pediatrician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, ENT, GI, pulmonologist, cardiologist, opthamologist, MDCP coordinator, PT, OT, ST, developmental specialist, ECI OT, dietician)

Number of these therapists, doctors, and specialists we no longer have to see in 2012 - 7

Number of surgeries - only 1

Major milestones met - 3 each and counting
(EATING!, walking, and talking- still in the works)

Pounds Camdyn gained over the entire year- only 5 (Camdyn doesn't even weigh what Cade did last year at this time yet!)

Pounds Cade gained (over the entire year)- only 4

Camdyn's current weight - 18.5 pounds

Cade's current weight - 23 pounds

Number of words for Camdyn - around 20
(We're working hard on this one.)

Number of words for Cade - around 40 and growing daily

Number of smiles, giggles, hugs, and answered prayers - countless!

When I hear someone say babies are expensive with the cost of diapers and formulas, I laugh to myself.  Babies aren't so expensive; micro-preemie twins are though.  With the $26,000 we have spent since they were born, it's like putting a child through college - only we didn't have 18 years to save for it.  As much as I dislike that our schedule revolves around going to appointments, I am so thankful that we are able to get them the therapy they need.  I'm even more thankful for all the progress they have made since last year.  I know we are extremely blessed; I never forget it.

I have set some goals for Camdyn and Cade for 2012.  Please join us in praying about the following goals:

- to gain a much larger vocabulary
- to learn more signs to help them communicate without getting frustrated
- to gain weight
- for Camdyn to get on the growth chart
- to stay well

Thank you all for the continued prayers.  It means a lot to us that so many of you follow our story and pray for us often.  Best wishes to all of you in 2012!

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Megan said...

Best wishes for fewer medical bills/copays in 2012!!! ;)