Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preemie Playdate

After we left the NICU, I started a group for preemie moms to connect.  We go to get coffee or dinner once a month.  Over the last year, our little group has really grown.  I think we all look forward to that one night a month to go out, take a break, and talk to other moms who can relate to our struggles, offer advice, or just listen.

We had all been talking about having a playdate for a while.  Some of us had not even met each others' kids even though we knew their whole medical histories (and with preemies, those medical histories are extensive).  I hosted our first preemie playdate at my house last week.  We had eleven toddlers in the house plus my older daughter, Brenna.  It was a bit chaotic but so much fun. 

Lunch time was fun trying to seat 11 toddlers!  Both triplets mommas came prepared with portable chairs.

My kids, along with Miles, used the little table so our other twin friends could use our chairs.  Camdyn and Cade really thought they were big kids at the table.  Miles' dad takes care of him during the day and works at night, so we were glad he could bring Miles to join us.

A Couchful of Preemie Miracles!

We tried to get a group shot, but that's pretty tricky with this many little ones.  This picture contains two set of twins, two sets of triplets (minus one who was sick and had to stay home), and three singletons.  Three of the babies in this picture were born at just 24 weeks (my two included).  If you combine the birth weights of all of these eleven kids (not including my full-term Brenna), it is approximately 30 pounds.  Compare that number to eleven full-term babies which would be roughly 80 pounds.  Amazing, right?  All of these kids are truly amazing.


Jessi said...

So cool!!

The Kimmels said...

How cool!! Wish we had something like that where I live :) It's so nice to be around people who know what it's like. What a little group of miracles!