Friday, March 2, 2012

Brenna's Rapunzel Party

Brenna celebrated her 5th birthday with a Rapunzel party at our house with a lot of friends.  I had so much fun planning her Rapunzel birthday even though it took up all my time.  I made enough yarn hair braids for each of her friends.  It took hours to braid all of these braids, but they looked so cute on all the little girls.   When each little girl arrived, she received her Rapunzel braid.


We tied a bunch of yellow yarn from the playhouse tower to look like Rapunzel's hair coming out of her tower.

I made the birthday cake using a Rapunzel topper and two round layer cakes stacked.  I stuck one of Brenna's Rapunzel figures on top and piped yellow icing all the way around like her hair cascading down.  I saw this idea including putting it in a frying pan (Rapunzel's weapon of choice) on Pinterest.  I wasn't so sure it was going to turn out, but I thought it turned out really cute.

Daddy even got into the Rapunzel theme.  I told him I needed him to make some bread sticks but that he would have to braid them first.  It took him a while to remember how to braid, but once he got the hang of it, he was busy braiding.

our own tiny Flynn Rider and baby Rapunzel

I made this royal kingdom banner to hang in our kitchen.

We also posted Wanted: Flynn Rider posters around the house and on the playscape.

We also made paper lanterns and went on a treasure hunt to find the lost crown.  Brenna told me it was the best birthday ever, so all that braiding was worth it!  Now, it's time to start planning for the twins' second birthday.  Where is the time going?


Jessi said...

That is so adorable! I bet she was in heaven.

Angie said...

those are the cutest ideas!!!! Im sure she loved everything, and the twins dressed up, super cute!

Andrea Farrell said...

Wow, you are such a great party planner! That looks like so much fun. The cake is super impressive. I bet Brenna and her friends had a ball!

Marcie said...

Amazing! You are super mom!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Amazing party. How did you make the braids?