Sunday, October 7, 2012

Our New Therapy Program

I am happy to report that our therapy days may be dwindling.  We've been to a lot of therapy over the past 2 1/2 years, and I have spent countless hours on the phone with insurance trying to get more therapy covered.  We have had wonderful therapists who have helped Camdyn and Cade develop skills that come easily to full-term kids.  They have worked hard in speech, occupational, and physical therapy to get to where they are today. 

Camdyn and Cade both still go to occupational therapy twice a month.  Camdyn was seeing her speech therapist twice a month as well.  At her last appointment, her therapist said she was doing really well, and we would be able to start seeing her less frequently.  We will see her again in 2 weeks, and then after that, Camdyn will only see her once a month.  If Camdyn continues showing progress, she will be discharged from speech therapy!  Hallelujah!  What will I do with all my time that was being wasted arguing with the insurance company? 

I credit much of her speech progress to going to pre-school as well as having a great speech therapist.  Since she started pre-school, I have noticed so many new words and phrases.  She is putting words together to express whole ideas.  We had a garage sale over the weekend, and I had marked one of her baby dolls with a sale sticker.  She has a ton of dolls, so I didn't think selling one would be a problem.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  She saw her baby at the garage sale and assertively told us all, "MY BABY - OFF the sticker!" as she peeled the garage sale sticker off and hugged her baby.  I was so impressed with her "sentence".

At the twins' last developmental testing, they scored lowest in gross motor skills.  They don't jump yet, and apparently at 2 years old, they should be jumping.  Since they walk, run, climb, etc., I am not too worried.  This was the first test where they no longer adjust for prematurity which means they expect them to do the same as kids their age that were born full-term.  I think that's crazy.  Give them 4 months to account for their prematurity, and I'm sure they will be jumping.  Instead of adding physical therapy back in, I opted to sign them up for a gymnastics class instead.  They go once a week, and they love it!  I figure they can work on jumping there, and the best part is that the twins get to take a class while big sister is in another class all at the same time.  That is fantastic for this busy mama.

Cade and Camdyn stretching at the start of their class.

Brenna warming up in her class.

Camdyn doing a flip.  She loves flipping.

Even though they still go to occupational therapy, they get a little extra fine motor skill work during homework time.  When Brenna is doing her homework, Camdyn and Cade both say, "I cudder, I cudder." (color) 

Camdyn and Cade are both loving school!  They ask me all the time, "Go bye bye? Ba-pack?" They want to know if we are leaving to go to school and if they need their backpacks.  I love their school too.  Their teachers are wonderful and always come up with the cutest crafts.  They made one craft using a coffee filter glued to blue construction paper with a picture of baby Moses inside the filter (basket).  Cade told me, "Mo-sis in da wa-wa".  (Moses is in the water.)  It was so precious!  Below is a picture of them with the pet rocks they made.  Camdyn loves to tell me about the crafts she makes, "my cut, my cudder, my do it".  She is so proud.  I'm having so much fun watching them learn new things and grow into their own little people.

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