Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall Fun

I'm about a month behind on blogging, so this post is pretty long.  It should probably be about four different posts.  Looking back at all these pictures reminds me of how busy we were this past month, but we had so much fun!

Part 1 - Carving Pumpkins

Here the kids are ready to go outside to carve our pumpkins.  This is definitely an activity that is done best in diapers only!

Camdyn and Cade cleaning out their pumpkins.  Cade kept saying, "yuuuuuuck!" and Camdyn kept telling me "messy hands!" 

Brenna was more into cleaning out her pumpkin but her face in this picture tells you she was also a little bothered by the mess.

I love Cade's face in this picture.  Also, notice how Camdyn is holding her left hand out because it is messy.  I think they all had fun playing in the pumpkin goo (for a little while at least).  Daddy and I were left to clean out the majority of the 3 pumpkins.

Our finished products.

Part 2 - Thriller

My dance studio participated in Thrill the World the weekend before Halloween.  We performed Michael Jackson's "Thriller" downtown with several other zombies.  It was so much fun to see all the zombie costumes and to dance in such a large group.  I had fun making Brenna's ballerina zombie costume.

Our group of zombies.  You can see the dance here.  Our group is to the right center.

Part 3 - Halloween Parties

Jim and I went to a Halloween party with some friends.  We hadn't decided on a costume, so we decided to go as each other.  The funniest part is that Camdyn said, "Dada putty" (Dada looks pretty) before we left! 

Don't I look great with a goatee?

Camdyn and Cade had a Halloween party at school.  Camdyn and Cade were their neo-natologists for Halloween.  I had their coats embroidered with their doctor's names.  We plan on visiting the NICU to show them next week.  Camdyn is showing off the "punkin" she painted.

sweet hugs - This doesn't happen often!

Cade devouring his "cu-cake" and getting orange icing everywhere.

Brenna's school had a fall festival with lots of booths and games set up.  She wanted to go to the fortune teller booth, so we waited in a 30 minute line to do this.  The "fortune teller" was one of the teachers and it was all completely for fun.  However, there was something very creepy about it.  The "fortune teller" told her things like, "I see you are a good girl in school," and "I see you are nice to your friends" etc.  She also told her, "Be careful not to fall."  Then Brenna picked a prize - a witch finger.  After a few more games, we rushed to dance practice to learn the Thriller dance.  After dance practice, Brenna was chasing her friend around the studio with the witch finger.  Her friend fell down and Brenna tripped over her.  I didn't think much of it.  I figured Brenna was really tired from her busy day and was overreacting.  When she was still complaining about her elbow hurting when we got home, I started to actually believe her (bad parent, I know!).  I ended up taking her to the ER after she screamed when I tried to straighten her arm.  They did some x-rays and determined it was fractured.

So, Brenna sported a pretty pink cast with her Rapunzel costume.  We will not be visiting the fortune teller booth next year!

My neice and nephew came over to eat hot dogs and go trick-or-treating with us.

All the kids with Nanny.  Notice how Camdyn is clinging on to Nanny.  She was terrified of Colin's phantom costume, and I don't blame her; it was scary.  She is scared of so many things right now - balloons, puppets, clowns, anyone with a mask, and even our oven mitts!

Our little doctors going trick-or-treating in the wagon.

It was so much fun to watch them this year.  They understood what they were supposed to do and even said, "tri-treat" and "tank-oo", and they loved getting "can-ee."

Brenna enjoyed playing some games that a church had set up on the basketball court.  Here she is throwing darts.  Lucky for her, she's left-handed.

The kids assessing their candy collection.  

Cade wanted to open every "can-ee" right away.  I let him have a lollipop, and he was thrilled.

Camdyn wanted a "wo-pop" too.

Except for the fractured elbow, we had a really fun October!


The Kimmels said...

I know I say this every time, but the kids are getting so grown up! Loved the doctor costumes. Cohen is starting to be scared of things too, he has this cow stuffed animal that he is TERRIFIED of, like cries and clings to us if it makes its "mooing" noise....Sorry about Brenna's arm!! I had a cast just like that when I was in high school, no fun :(

Stacey B. said...

That phantom costume is definitely scary! Have mercy!