Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our Little Doctors

I took Camdyn and Cade to visit the NICU today in their doctor costumes from Halloween.  I was waiting to take them until both Dr. Breed and Dr. McCormick were on call, so we could hopefully see both of them.

I walked down this hallway several times during their 133 day NICU stay.  As I would walk down this hallway, I remember feeling anxiety not knowing how they would be doing when I got up to the NICU.  Would the vent settings be up/down?  Would they be requiring more/less oxygen?  Did they gain/lose any ounces? etc.  Thankfulness washed over me today knowing that I would be walking right back down this very hallway with both of my babies after our visit. 

Cade visited with Dr. Breed first.  I think they have a special connection.  Dr. Breed was the doctor on call the day the twins were delivered.  He had a big job that day trying to save twins born 16 weeks too early.  He sat next to Cade's isolette through the night adjusting vent settings and administering the nitrous oxide treatment when Cade wasn't doing well even with the highest oscillator settings.  When Dr. Breed saw Cade today, he told him, "Boy, do I remember you.  We spent some quality time together."  If that isn't an understatement, then I don't know what is! 

I just adore this photo.  I imagine Cade telling Dr. Breed, "Hey man, you know that thing you did - saving my life - yeah, that was pretty cool.  Thanks a lot.  I owe you one."  Don't they look like they are in a serious conversation? 

We were able to get a group shot with Dr. McCormick, Camdyn (little Dr. McCormick), Cade (little Dr. Breed), and Dr. Breed.  We were lucky to catch them together.  These baby-saving doctors keep a packed schedule.  Sadly, there are always babies' lives to save. 

Dr. McCormick was only there still because she hadn't gone home yet even though her shift was over.  A nurse told me she was up all night with a baby who wasn't doing too well, and just minutes after we took this picture, alarms started ringing, and Dr. Breed was running down the hallway to Labor & Delivery.  I hadn't had any post-traumatic moments during this visit until I saw that.  I know that's how the scene unraveled the morning Camdyn and Cade were born.  I'm sure there was a call to the NICU stating NICU team needed, emergency c-section, twins- 23 wks 5 days gestation.  My heart sank for these new parents who were about to have a baby or babies in the NICU, and I hugged my kids a little tighter. 

Both Dr. McCormick and Dr. Breed were tickled with their costumes as were the nurses and everyone else we saw on our way up to the NICU.  Before we left, I had Cade and Camdyn give Dr. McCormick some cookies.  They weren't too excited about the idea of the cookies staying at the NICU.  They wanted to take them back home with us.  Dr. McCormick said she felt guilty for taking the cookies from them. 

a look back - After 133 days, we proudly toted our micro-preemie twins out of the hospital doors.

Here they are 2 years and 3 months later walking out of the hospital like big kids.  They have come so far.  I don't need Thanksgiving to remember to be thankful.  I'm thankful every day.


Angie said...

awwww this is so touching! and what a great idea for costumes. I read your last post last night, and it looks like they are at such a fun age to be understanding stuff and talking!! so exciting and encouraging. we had one 18. mo. evaluation today and feeling so many mixed emotions. the other 2 are next week.

Angie said...

oh and yes! I have been in the NICU when they bring in a new baby and my heart sinks thinking of the craziness the team went through when ours were born.

Jessi said...

Oh gosh they are so cute!

Andrea Farrell said...

Your posts like this always make me emotional! I love that you keep in touch with those doctors. I'm sure your visit- and your kids' adorable costumes- made their day.