Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lots to Say

Camdyn and Cade are both talking so much more now.  I am absolutely loving their new language skills.  They both have a lot to say.  Here are a few of my favorite phrases/stories:

They ask for "cookie horsies" and "nola baas" all the time.  For those who don't speak their language, that is animal cookies and granola bars.

They both ask for "ugg-kiss" before bedtime which is the sweetest thing ever! (a hug and a kiss)

Camdyn is constantly twirling around or flipping while telling me "wook Mommy".

They both love watching the construction on the new house next to us.  They look out the window and constantly ask me, "What the mans doin'?"  I told Cade they were working.  He looked at me and said, "nooo - mans playin'"  To a two year old boy, building a house equals playtime.

Cade's preschool teacher was showing him a picture of her 16 year old son on her keyring.  She explained to him that was her baby just like he was mommy's baby.  She said he looked at her like she had lost her mind and told her, "That not a baby - that a MAN!"  I think it crushed her a little bit for her baby to be called a man.

I was singing "Mommy's little baby is Camdyn, Camdyn" to the tune of "Shortnin' Bread".  She stopped me right there with a very serious look to tell me, "my not a baby".  I then turned to Cade and said, "Can you be Mommy's baby?"  He frankly told me, "no, I a big boy."  What?  I had twins; can't one of them agree to being my baby?  Brenna told me she would be my baby, so I felt much better to have at least one "baby".

Camdyn's crib faces a window, and Cade's is on the other side of the room against the wall.  I heard them talking one morning across the room.  Cade kept asking Camdyn, "Hey, Cammy, what you lookin'?"  She wasn't giving him any information so he kept on asking.

Another morning I heard them talking across the room from their cribs.  The conversation went like this:

Cade: "Cammy, what you want eat?
Camdyn: "my want cookie"
Cade: "OK - (chomp, chomp, chomp noises) . . . I eat you cookie"
Camdyn: "noooo bubba - my cookie"

Ha!  He was tormenting his sister even from across the room in the confines of their cribs with an imaginary cookie.  Poor Camdyn!

Cade has recently begun to tell stories - sort of.  He starts, "One day - (mumble, mumble)" and then repeats "one day - . . ."  on and on and on.  

When Camdyn was having trouble with speech, she wouldn't really tell me "I love you" but I knew that her sweet kisses meant it.  After she gave me a kiss, I would tell her "I love you too baby." Now, when I give her a kiss, she tells me "wuv oo too Mommy!"  It truly melts my heart.


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Stacey B. said...

I am such a sap when it comes to little people...I just got all teary-eyed.

Have mercy.