Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Can't Escape Prematurity

In the NICU, it always seemed like Camdyn and Cade were battling for attention.  Cade would require more oxygen, so Camdyn would top that with a collapsed lung.  Then Cade developed a pneumothorax (air pocket in his lung) which had to be drained.  It went on and on like this for their entire NICU stay.  

They must still have a little of that battle left in them.  Camdyn is scheduled for ear tube surgery and getting her adenoids removed tomorrow morning.  Brenna has had ear tubes and adenoids removed too as well as her tonsils.  The ENT visit to talk about getting ear tubes for Camdyn was her first "normal" specialist appoinment if there is such a thing.  It's not a cardiologist or pulmonologist or any other "-ologist" that she saw due to her prematurity.  I can't pin this on prematurity since a lot of kids get ear tubes, and even my full-term kid has had this done.  This is just a normal kid thing.  Although I must admit, I'm still scared about her going under anesthesia. 

Since Camdyn was getting all the attention, Cade decided he needed some too.  He has developed bronchiolitis.  He sounds awful.  I looked it up online and it said, "It most frequently occurs in infants, commonly younger than 6 months of age."  I guess it should also say "and big, nearly 3 year old boys who were on ventilators for 5 weeks who required nitrous oxide treatments and who had a pneumothorax."  It went on to say, "In some cases, especially if your child has an underlying health problem or is a significantly premature newborn, bronchiolitis can become severe and require hospitalization."  Oh, great!  That doesn't sound too promising for us since he is just about as "significantly premature" as you can get.  On a positive note, he isn't a newborn; he is a big, strong boy even if his lungs haven't gotten the memo.  I should have learned my lesson from back in our NICU days to not google things.  It is always worse online.  Cade has definitely had his share of lung issues including pneumonia, several upper respiratory infections, and now bronciolitis.  Overall, he does really well.  For those who have been reading for a while, you may remember we were told he may need a tracheostomy for life.  I am so thankful that he can breathe well most of the time. 

I feel oddly similar to the days I spent sitting between their isolettes in the uncomfortable vinyl hospital chair wondering who required my attention the most at that moment.   I will be with Camdyn during her surgery tomorrow while Daddy stays home to care for Cade.  Just when I think we have moved on to "normal kid" stuff like ear tubes, I am struck with the realization that we can't escape prematurity.  Well, I'm off to do a breathing treatment for Cade now and pack a few things for Camdyn's surgery tomorrow. 

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Angie said...

I hope the surgery went well. One of ours is scheduled for 2nd set of tubes in a couple weeks, and Im with you...though its a simple procedure, the thought of anesthesia once again still scares me lots!! Praying for everyones health, and hope to see an update soon.