Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dance Photos

 The girls took their dance pictures about a month ago.  We have recital this weekend.  That's partly to blame for my recent neglecting of the blog.  I keep vowing to update, but then things come up.  The girls are excited about dancing in the recital.  This will be Camdyn's very first recital, and I am going to do my very best not to cry.  I just know when I see her out there dancing like a little princess I am going to remember her as a teeny tiny baby and remember the uncertainty of not knowing if she would ever be able to do things like dance in a recital.  

Pictured above is Brenna in her adorable sailor outfit.  Below is the sweetest sister picture.  I didn't even have to tell Brenna to act like she likes her sister.  She really does love her baby sister.  They play together very well most of the time.  Usually, they are yelling at Cade for running away with their dolls or messing up their Barbie house.  He definitely knows how to irritate them, and he does it often.

I absolutely adore this picture.  I think she looks like a little doll.  How cute is she in her fluffy tutu? I love, love, love it!  Now hopefully she will dance in that cute outfit and not run off the stage.

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Darin Jaturapatporn said...

What a beautiful picture!!!

Dear Michelle
My name is Darin Jaturapatporn, a mom of Lynla, a 24-weeker who is now 4 months adjusted.
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Just want to let you know how wonderful your blog has been to support me and my family. Your story has cheered me up many times. You are a fantastic writer and you writing has inspired me to start writing as well. If you don't mind, can I have your e-mail address, so I can write more and send you some pictures. Mine is

Best wishes