Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Music to My Ears

We heard some of the best news today - Both Camdyn and Cade have passed their hearing screens!  They can hear!!!!  When the doctor called with the good news, I cried with tears of joy and relief.  I am so happy that they can hear! 

When you have micro-preemies, you look at things differently.  I actually had the thought that if they can't hear, at least they can see.  You have thoughts like, "At least the brain bleed was only a grade I instead of a grade II, III, or IV".  You almost are expected to prepare for the worst.  We have been prepared for all the bad things all along so when we get great news like this, we are overjoyed!

I'm sure the babies are relieved that Mommy now knows they can hear.  I bought them both mp3 players and loaded them with classical music.  We've been playing the music for them since they were in isolettes.  Ever since I found out Cade failed the last hearing screen, I've been conducting my own experiments.  I would hold the music speaker to one ear and see if he would respond in any way.  I didn't know exactly what I was expecting him to do.  If he didn't respond, I would turn it up and try again.  Then, I would move to Camdyn and test her.  Poor babies; I'm sure they were talking to each other saying, "Why does Mom keep blaring this music in our ears?  We're trying to sleep!"  Now, they can sleep peacefully with the music playing softly. 

Thank you God for answering all of our prayers.  We are so thankful for the miracles you have sent us.  Continue to watch over them and strengthen them.  Help them to start coordinating the "suck, swallow, breathe" pattern so they can become more successful with their feeds.  We praise You.  Amen.


Kathy Hensel said...

YAY!!!!I knew it. Last Sunday when you were talking to Camdyn and he couldn't see you and his little eyes were searching everywhere for you, I knew in my heart he could hear. What reassurance to know that the tests agree! Kathy

Bridget Brandt said...

Ditto and it made me cry too. I kept thinking, if this is the worst we get, then we did pretty good, but what an amazing miracle they are both truly turnign out to be! I love them so much!!!

Megan said...

I've just read your whole blog from start to finish in the last few days, and I have to say it takes me back in so many ways to our own journey a year ago. I sooo get how you feel, and I love your take on things and how you write about it! I do hope things only pick up steam from here on out and that you are home SOON SOON SOON with everyone. ;)

Also- I am very interested to see that your twins get to be together in a crib. That seems to make sense to me. I knew many twins in our NICU in Virginia and they could be in the same "pod" (room with about 6-8 babies) once they were pretty stable but not the same bed. In fact, they had to be in separate rooms in the beginning purposefully to cut down on the mixing up of medication. I'm so glad your little ones can be together!