Sunday, October 10, 2010

6 Month Baby Update

The babies turned 6 months old on Oct. 5th.  It is so strange that they have now been with us for as long as I was pregnant - 6 months.  I know I have not updated in a while, but I've made up for it with a lot of pictures.  I've been busy the last few weeks with making tutus and hair bows for Camdyn and Brenna for pictures.  I always like to add pictures to the posts, but it takes longer.  There just aren't enough hours in the day for all I need to get done.  I hope you all enjoy the latest pictures of my sweet babies.

Update on Cade - He now weighs 13 lbs. 9 oz.  His biggest news is that he has intersected the growth curve for 6 month olds.  Woohoo!  Even though he is only in the 3rd percentile for 6 month olds, that is incredibly amazing for a micro-preemie who started at 1 lb. 8 oz and who should only be a 2 month old!  When he is grown, I don't think anyone will believe him when he tells them he was a 1 pound baby.  He is wearing 3-6 month and even some 6 month clothes!  The best news for Mommy and Daddy is that he no longer needs the Neosure formula.  We can start mixing regular formula with the breast milk.  A 13 oz. can of Neosure costs the same as a 40 oz. can of regular formula.  Big savings for us! 

He met with a speech therapist for the first time last week.  We are scheduling more visits with another speech therapist as well to get even more help.  She worked with his oral motor movement by massaging his cheeks and chin.  She also worked with him on taking the pacifier.  She told us to dip the pacifier in different flavors of liquid, put a few drops on his lips, and let him taste that first.  Once he is licking his lips, then we can try to give him the pacifier.  He has made a lot of progress in willingly taking his pacifier and not gagging on it.  I feel very hopeful that with more therapy he is going to get over his oral aversion.  He has to start associating things in his mouth with positive feelings. 

Update on Camdyn- Camdyn now weighs 10 lb. 8 oz.  She is still well below the growth curve for 6 month olds, but if you look at her adjusted age of 2 months she is on track.  We are adding a little more formula to her mix to add calories. Even though she is tiny, she is a pretty strong, feisty little girl.  She can roll from her side to her tummy and get her arms underneath her.  The pediatrician said that is a 4 month developmental skill, so I am pretty impressed with my tiny little girl who should only be 2 months old.  Camdyn still takes a long time to take her bottles (about an hour).  She is getting a little better about finishing all of her bottles now.  We still gavage feed her through the tube at night, but we have gone down to only 2 times at night.  Hopefully, she will have the energy soon to take all of her bottles.

Both babies get physical therapy once a week.  They are working on neck and back strength as well as tummy strength.  They both have a right side head preference.  We are working on some stretches to help with that.  It is most likely from being in the NICU for so long.  They laid in their bed looking out to the right where the nurses would pass.  Also most of the nurses were right-handed, so they would come to them on the right side of their bed to change diapers, etc., so they got used to looking to the right.  Now we are working on looking to the left.  They are also working on rolling over, propping themselves up on their elbows, and getting in a sitting position with support.

We are enjoying the babies so much.  I am finally at a point where I don't worry every second of every day.  It is so much fun to see how much progress they make from week to week.  I also love seeing them getting fatter.  I celebrate each little fat roll.  I think back to how tiny they were with just translucent skin covering their fragile little bones, and marvel at their pudgy arms, round bellies, and chubby thighs.  I am so in love! 

Cade looking so sweet in his swing.  Look at those long eyelashes.

My grandpa with his great-grandsons, Cade and my nephew Colin.

My grandma with her great-granddaughters, my neice Brylee, Camdyn, and Brenna.

Camdyn sitting with Nanny outside.  Camdyn is wearing Brenna's sunglasses.

My kiddos on Brenna's pull-out couch for storytime.

Cade and Camdyn's cute bottoms in these adorable sleepers.

sweetie pies

This is the smile Cade gave me after tasting a few drops of sweet tea on his lips.  Yes, I did say sweet tea.  The speech therapist said we should give him anything sweet.  They usually give sugar water or candy sprays.  If he wanted to eat chocolate cake and ice cream, I would give it to him if he would eat it!

Brenna wanted "girl baby" to take a nap with her on her couch.  So sweet!

Cade and Camdyn in their double stroller.  Brenna was at Grandma's for the weekend, so they each got their own side.  I am on the hunt for a triple stroller because the babies can no longer squeeze into one side of the double stroller. 

Mommy's little monkeys

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lhsm said...

All 3 of your babies are so beautiful! Their smiles melt my heart. With all the care that you (and Jimmy) give those babies around the clock, you must often feel exhausted and as if the days and nights become a blur of feedings and diapers and laundry and doctors and therapists and oh yes, your jobs so that you can provide for your beautiful family. And then there's the new house and all the paperwork and phone calls you've described. You must think I'm crazy reminding you of all that you're doing. But Cade and Camdyn and Brenna look so content and so happy and so loved. Y'all are obviously making time in between all the chaos to love those kiddos and have fun with them. God has blessed you with 3 beautiful children and He has blessed Brenna, Cade and Camdyn with a wonderful Mom and Dad. Praise and thanks to God for these blessings and prayers for His continued blessings on your family! Love, Aunt Joyce