Thursday, August 18, 2011

Laundry Day!

Doing laundry with the twins around and Brenna who tries to help is nearly impossible!  I brought all of our clean laundry into the living room to fold and hang, but here's what happened instead.

Camdyn throws all of the hangers on the floor.  I put them back on the couch, in what I think is out of her reach, and then I turn around to see what Cade is doing.  He is unfolding the folded clothes while Camdyn has managed to reach the hangers and throw them back on the floor again.

Camdyn playing with the wrinkle releaser and throwing more hangers on the floor.

Cade trying to figure out how he can eat the wrinkle releaser.  Notice his hair!  I went to get more clothes from the laundry room.  When I come back into the living room, I notice that both Camdyn and Cade's hair is wet. 

Me:  Brenna, why is the babies' hair wet?
Brenna: I was making them look pretty.
Me: With what?
Brenna:  That spray.  Don't they look pretty?

She had sprayed wrinkle releaser in their hair!  The babies had nice, starchy hair for the rest of the day!

That's not the end of our laundry fiasco scene.  I go to put away some of the laundry before Camdyn could pull it all off the couch again.  When I don't see the babies in the living room, I look around for them, and there's Cade holding the front door open while Camdyn is sitting on the front door step outside!!!  He had managed to stand on his tiptoes, pull the lever door handle, and open the door.  Camdyn quickly made her escape.  I was so proud of him for figuring that out and physically doing it that I couldn't be mad.  I was rather impressed with his skill.  I am going to have to really start watching those two.  They are going to constantly be plotting some way to get into trouble.

Needless to say, the laundry is still not done!


Jessi said...

Busy, busy momma!

Andrea Farrell said...

LOL! This made me laugh so hard! My trio are equally "helpful" with the laundry. They are so determined to pull ALL of the clothes off the couch and are much faster at that than I am at folding! That is hilarious and impressive that the babies made an escape out the front door. Mine haven't done that yet.

Sarah Pope said...

LOL! I don't know how you get anything done ANY day! Having to chase around one kid is hard enough for me...3 is a completely different story!
To answer your question (from my blog) about Samuel's does affect his voice some. Especially when he cries or yells. His normal talking voice is fine. We are also still thickening his liquids to half-Nectar consistancy even though the swallow study showed that he can tolerate thin liquids fine (he just doesn't LIKE them.) Does Cade sound funny when he talks? I heard that it generally doesn't affect speaking voice....