Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sad or Cute?

Brenna received a Dr. Ken, Barbie, and baby set for her birthday.  Camdyn was checking out sister's new toy with Aunt BB.  Camdyn handed Aunt BB the baby to hold while she took Ken's stethoscope and placed it on the baby's chest. 

She waited a while and then flipped the baby over for Aunt BB to hold again. She then took Ken's stethoscope and placed it on the baby's back.


After a little while longer, she picked the baby up and started hugging, patting, and rocking it - comforting the baby just like mommies do when their babies go to the doctor.  (Excuse Camdyn's messy hair; I don't know what it's trying to do here!)

When the doctor tried to measure Cade's length at the last appointment, he put his hands up in defense.  He figured she was trying to give him another shot.  Poor guy! 

I took Brenna to the doctor for a cough this week.  Camdyn clung (as in permanently attaching herself) to me as soon as we walked in the office.  I could see the look of fear on her sweet little face.

It's so sad that they have both developed such a fear of doctors, but I don't blame them.  They have been seen by more doctors and specialists than most adults will see in their lifetime, and they aren't even 2 yet! 


Megan said...

Charlie has been totally fearful of docs- specifically he freaks out about being weighed. Good news though, the last few times he hasn't been scared, so I hope your kiddos get better with a little more time too.

Jessi said...

Jack freaks out at the dr's, too! Getting weighed always produces such a reaction ... we haven't been in awhile so hopefully he will forget!