Thursday, April 19, 2012

We've enjoyed going to a few parks lately since the weather has been so nice.  I recently sold our triple stroller and downsized to a double stroller.  Here's our new wheels!  It is so much easier to push than that triple stroller.

This is our view when we walk to our neighborhood park.  You would think with a view like this I would go for walks daily, but sadly, we don't.  I have to be in the mood for a good workout because the park is at the bottom of this really steep hill.  Getting to the park is no problem, but getting back home is like doing a bootcamp workout.

I stopped by these flowers to attempt to get a picture of all 3 kids.  Cade was more interested in the flowers than cooperating to take a picture.

Then he decided to pick the landscaped flowers!  I quickly put him back in the stroller and gave up on taking a picture of the 3 of them.

We also went to a new park in Round Rock for a playdate.  We met up with some friends for a birthday celebration playdate.  This new park is the coolest park ever!  It's called Play for All Abilites Park, and it is designed so that kids with special needs can play right along with other children.  The playscape is wide enough for wheelchairs/walkers, they have handicap-accessible swings, merry go rounds with backs (pictured below), and tons more.  They have a sensory play area with all sorts of different textures, shapes, rollers, etc. There is also a music area, a sandbox, and a little town.  It's like an amusement park, and the best part is it's free!  We will definitely be visiting this park frequently.  The only problem is that my kids want to do it all right now and end up in three different directions!

Brenna, Cade, and Camdyn on the merry-go-round.

Cade pushing Miles, his NICU buddy, in Bryce, his preemie friend's, car.  From laying in isolettes across from each other in the NICU to this.  How cute (and awesome) is that?

This picture should be titled "Little Miracles".  From left to right, Patrick (25 weeker), Cade and Camdyn (24 weekers), and Bryce (24 weeker).  Perhaps it's my "preemie mommy heart", but this picture melts my heart.  All these little miracle babies sitting here at the park enjoying the beautiful day.

Just for fun - These aren't park pictures, but they are too cute not to put on the blog somewhere.

My cute little dancer ready for dance class.

Mommy's little monkeys.  Camdyn has learned a new skill.  She surprised me the other day.  I had just changed Cade's diaper and turned to set him down on the ground.  I turned back around to the changing table and there she was - sitting on top of it!  She had climbed all the way up by herself and was ready for her diaper change.  You can't tell from the picture, but the changing table has a bottom shelf, a middle one (where Camdyn is hanging out in this picture), and the top one.  I'm not sure how to babyproof a changing table, so I guess I'm going to let it be a jungle gym!


Nicholle said...

We liked the play for all abilities park too, the day we went it was so busy with several schools there on field trips so I had a good workout keeping up with my girls. I couldn't even take pictures so you did good :)Love the miracles photo :)

Marcie said...

The twins seem happy with their new stroller. Those flowers are beautiful. Love the photo of the 4 miracle babes! Amazing! Brenna is so pretty :)

Nidia said...

I just stumbled upon your blog. I just started my own, too. I have a 24 weeker who was born on November 18, 2011. I still have to work on my blog but thank you for sharing your story!