Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Preemie Babies 101 Guest Post

I joined the blogging team as a guest blogger for Preemie Babies 101.  They have a team of bloggers including parents, specialists, and medical professionals who blog on topics relating to prematurity, special needs, and infant loss.  My first guest post was published today.  I wrote about the emotions I felt when we made the decision for Cade to get a g-tube.  Here is a small excerpt:

"Surrender.  Defeat.  Failure.  These are the words that circulated in my head when I reluctantly agreed to a gastrostomy for my son. . . . Mothers are supposed to protect and nurture their young.  Instead, my body had rejected mine.To combat the feelings of guilt and helplessness, I, like many NICU mothers, read every book, consulted with the neonatalogists, scoured the internet for every article relating to preemies, and listened attentively to every suggestion made by the therapists.  I was determined.  I would do everything in my power to help my babies meet every milestone – including learning how to eat. "

You can read the entire post here at www.preemiebabies101.com.   Please leave a comment there if your child has a g-tube and/or oral aversions to help other preemie parents who are dealing with the same issues.

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