Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swim Lessons

We've started swim lessons for the summer for all 3 kids.  I was mostly concerned about swim lessons for Brenna because she isn't able to swim yet.  We have a private swim instructor meet us at our neighborhood pool once a week.  She works with Brenna the majority of the time and then spends about 10 minutes each with Camdyn and Cade.  They have only had 2 lessons so far, and I can already tell a big difference.  Brenna can swim a few strokes but still stands up to breathe.  I think she'll be swimming by the end of the summer.  Camdyn and Cade both impressed me in their lessons so far too.  They both love gliding along with the kickboard through the water.  Camdyn can crawl along the edge of the pool with her hands on her own!  I was so surprised by this.  I didn't think her tiny little arms were strong enough to do that.  It is so cute!  Cade can hold his breath to pick up objects off the steps too.  I think I am babying them a little too much.  They certainly have proven me wrong with my expectations of their swim lessons.  It looks like I am going to need to raise my expectations!

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