Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sweet or Mean?

I often find myself surprised at the things I'm saying these days.  Most of my comments are aimed at Cade because my sweet boy is, well, not so sweet.  He is a handful!  When people see me with my 3 kiddos and tell me that I must really have my hands full, I think, "No, just this one boy makes my hands full!"

Things I have actually said in the past few weeks:

1.  "Cade, where are you going with the bathroom rug?"

2.  "Cade, give Camdyn her foot back!" (as he is holding on to her foot sitting next to her in their car seats just to watch her squeal with this accomplished smirk on his face)

3.  "Cade, quit hitting your sisters in the head with the hairbrush!"

4.  "Cade, quit coloring on the walls!"

5.  "Cade, quit coloring on the door!"

6.  "Cade, quit coloring on the desk!"

7.  "Cade, why did you take your diaper off again?"

8.  "Cade, why are you wearing your sisters' dress-up shoes?"

9.  "Cade, give Camdyn her doll back!" (as he is running through the house taunting her again with the accomplished smirk on his face)

10.  "Camdyn, go get your doll back from your mean brother - be tough!"

and the list goes on and on and on  . . .

I can't believe I have to say things like "give your sister her foot back," and while it is really annoying at the time due to all the squealing, I find myself laughing moments later when I realize what a wonderfully chaotic life we lead full of very normal sibling squabbles.  I have 4 sisters and no brothers, so I'm assuming that it's a brother's job to torment his sisters.  Cade is quite good at that, but for all his meanness, he has equal parts sweetness.  Just look at this most adorable kissy face!  He could fool anyone into thinking he is 100% sweet with a face like this.


Dawn Alexander said...

I think it is a brother's job. My son does this to his triplet sisters too. Especially the running off with whatever they were playing it. So frustrating to me!

Diana said...

Hilarious! Boys are just wired so differently than girls :) It's great you look at the bright side... you are so blessed.