Sunday, December 23, 2012

San Antonio Trip

We went to San Antonio last weekend for a little family mini-vacation.  I love the Riverwalk at Christmas time.  It is lit up with thousands of lights draping down from the trees and the sidewalk is lined with the traditional white paper sacks with candles inside. 


Brenna loves staying in a hotel, so she was excited for weeks leading up to our little trip.  Our hotel was right on the Riverwalk.  You walked out to this patio and took some stairs down to the Riverwalk.  I attempted to get my kids to all look at me for a picture, but I wasn't successful.  Camdyn has mastered jumping recently and loves to jump now. At her last developmental exam, they were worried that she wasn't jumping yet. I told them I thought she would be jumping soon, and if she didn't, we would consider physical therapy again at that time.  Well, we thankfully won't be needing any therapy right now.  She wanted to jump down every step of the two flights of stairs leading down to the Riverwalk.  I told her we should walk down the steps and just jump on the last one, but she didn't agree and continued jumping down each step.  It was a slow process getting down those steps with her jumping down each one, but I was so proud of her!


We took a horse-drawn carriage ride downtown.  When we spotted this pink princess carriage, I knew we had to ride that one.  Cade didn't know it was girly; he just liked the "horsie", but Brenna was in heaven in the princess carriage.  All three of them loved riding in the carriage.  It was a little costly but definitely worth it.  The picture above isn't so great since we took it of ourselves.

The next morning the kids had fun on a much less costly ride.  I strolled them around the hotel in the luggage cart, and they thought that was pretty awesome. 

Before we left, we took a boat ride on the river.  The kids had seen the boats the night before and kept asking to "wide it, wide boat".  We tried to get a ride after we ate dinner, but it was closed for the night.  It worked out better to ride in the day because there was no crowd and the kids were able to roam around a bit and look out both sides.  We heard a lot of "wook Mama" and "wook Dada". (look)  They were really excited about riding the boat.  I think that was their favorite part of the trip.  I didn't realize it until later, but that was the twins' first boat ride. 

Camdyn is into making this silly face every time we try to take a picture lately.  I'm glad Daddy captured it because I do think it is pretty funny.  She thinks she is really funny doing this too.

Daddy had to tickle them to get real smiles instead of silly faces.

We almost got a picture with all 3 looking the same way. 

On Sunday, we went to visit some friends who live in San Antonio.  They just had a sweet baby boy named Dane.  A couple of weeks ago, we went to a live nativity, and we told the kids we were going to see baby Jesus.  At the nativity, we pointed out baby Jesus and talked a lot about baby Jesus, etc.  So, when we told the kids we were going to visit a baby, Camdyn asked me, "Go see baby Jesus?"  Sweet baby Dane has a lot to live up to!  We loved visiting with Erica, Randy, and their new precious baby, Dane.  Brenna adored him.  Speaking of babies, Brenna brought home a paper she made at school.  The paper said, "I would like to fill my stocking with ___________" and at the bottom they drew a picture.  Hers said "BABZ" (babies), and she drew three babies.  I sure hope she is talking about baby dolls and not real babies because Mommy already gave her a baby brother and a baby sister!

We had a great trip.  I love that we are able to go on a trip as a whole family now.  We've taken Brenna on several little trips since the twins were born, but they always stayed with Grandma or Nanny.  It's so nice to be able to take family trips now.  It feels so normal, and normal is so wonderful!  I would say we feel so blessed this Christmas season, but the truth is we feel so blessed every single day. 

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