Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Brenna's Ariel Party

Brenna  had an awesome mermaid party for her 6th birthday.  She is in love with Ariel right now, so it was the obvious choice for the theme of the party.  I loved creating the games and craft activities to go along with the mermaid theme.  She was so excited to get to celebrate with all of her friends.  We had 19 kids!

When all the guests arrived, the first activity was dress-up.  I set up the mats in the dance studio to create a dressing room.  The girls felt like movie stars getting dressed in their dressing room.

Camdyn showing off her princess attire with a little diva twist.

 Here is the finished product with all these little princesses looking fabulous!

Then it was time for "Pin the Tail on the Dolphin".  Since Jim is more artistic than I, he cut out a dolphin shape and lots of little tails.  Brenna is such a sweet helper.  She is helping Camdyn here.

Our next activity was making treasure boxes since Ariel loved finding treasures.  I bought gift boxes, laid out stickers, glitter paint, and markers, and let the girls create their own treasure boxes.

Once we had treasure boxes, it was time to fish for our treasures.  Again, I set up the mats to serve as the water, and Daddy supplied fishing poles.  The kids loved this game!  When they "caught" their treasures, they put them in their treasure boxes.

I loved how the starfish hair clips turned out.  We made one for each girl.  I was able to buy the starfish at a craft store.

We then had a little island fun with a game of limbo.  It was fun to watch all of them try so hard to clear the limbo stick.  Camdyn won, but I think she had a little unfair advantage.  Hey, you've got to use that prematurity in your favor when you can, right?  Being tiny works really well for limbo.

Brenna's Aunt BB made this super cute and super yummy Ariel cake.  I'm trying to soak up all of these princess-themed parties while I can.  I know it won't be long before she wants to go just hang out at the mall with her friends.  Tear!  My baby is growing up too fast.

Look how cool the cake was from the inside.  Aunt BB made it look like a beautiful ocean!

It was a wonderful party.  It usually doesn't take long for Brenna to start planning her next year's birthday.  For now, I'm on to planning the twins' birthday party.  Can they really be turning 3?

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