Thursday, March 28, 2013

School Easter Egg Hunts

Today was the day for school Easter egg hunts.  I went to Camdyn and Cade's school first to watch them hunt eggs and then headed to Brenna's school for their Easter egg hunt.  I was glad that they were at different times so I could go to both.

Cade was more interested in riding the tricycle than looking for eggs.


Camdyn liked collecting eggs for her basket.

  That's my little diva posing for the camera with her Easter basket.

Their teacher gave them confetti eggs.  They weren't sure what to do with them until their teacher told them they could crack them with their fingers.

She then told them to pour it on their head or their friend's head.  Cade chose to put his on Camdyn.  It doesn't look like Camdyn liked it from the picture, but she thought it was really funny.  Cade did too.  He said, "That was FUN!"

Camdyn wanted to crack hers on her own head.

I had to show her this picture to show her that the confetti was in her hair.  I asked her if she thought it looked pretty, and she agreed that it did.  

What could be cuter than a class of 2-3 year olds lined up with their Easter baskets?

Well, maybe a class of kindergarteners wearing bunny hats they made themselves.  It's a tough call.

Brenna loved hunting eggs with her class, and she loved that I came to watch.  I'm going to miss this when she doesn't want me to come to school anymore for her class activities.  I asked her last night if she wanted me to come watch her hunt eggs at school.  Then I told her I was going to wear my best Easter dress and Easter hat and I would bring my Easter basket and hunt eggs with her friends.  She got this really worried look on her face and told me she didn't think moms were allowed to do that.  It was so funny because she was trying not to hurt my feelings.  I went on and on about how excited I was to get dressed up to hunt eggs at her school and how I would wear a big Easter hat.  Finally she realized I was joking and said, "Mommy, you're so silly.  You can't hunt eggs.  You're big.  But you can come and just watch all the kids."

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