Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Surgery Updates & More

Camdyn's surgery went really well.  I knew it was a common procedure, so I didn't stress about it too much.  It wasn't a heart surgery at 10 days old when she still weighed under 2 lbs.  It wasn't collapsed lungs or brain bleeds.  I knew all of this, but I still cried like a baby when they took her away.  I kept a strong happy face while she waved at me from her little red wagon.  Once the nurse pulled her around the corner, the tears came.  I'm sure it had a lot more to do with post-traumatic stress than this actual surgery.  It didn't help that Daddy couldn't be with us because he was at home taking care of Cade's bronchiolitis.  

After about an hour, they brought her back to me.  We got in a lot of great cuddling.  Look at that sweet face.  She woke up after about an hour, and we were sent on our way.  She recovered very quickly.  She has had drainage for the past few days, but otherwise, she is doing great.

Because my kids have made a secret agreement to cause Mommy and Daddy the most possible stress they can all at one time, we also found ourselves at the orthopedist just a couple of days after Camdyn's surgery.  Brenna twisted her ankle in tumbling class, and it stayed swollen for a couple of days.  When the swelling wasn't going down, we decided it was time to see if it was more than a minor injury.  The orthopedist thinks it is a small fracture along the growth plate, but he couldn't see it in an x-ray.  He decided the best thing to do was to cast it, so she gets to sport a hot pink leg cast just a few months after she sported her hot pink arm cast.  We are now boosting up the calcium intake around here!

And even with all of that going on, Cade is still the sickest of the three.  I took him back for a follow-up because he is still coughing a lot and sounds pretty bad.  He has developed an ear infection on top of the bronchiolitis.  We are still doing nebulizer treatments every 4 hours .We are hoping the antibiotic will knock out the infection part of this quickly and the virus part of this will pass quickly too.  He does sound much better overall.  I hope my next post will include that all 3 are well.

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Lachelle said...

Wow! Such a lot to go through in a short amount of time. I will be praying that they start feeling better quickly and that the you and your husband (the parents) get a much needed vacation from that part of parenting. I read your post on and it was so touching. Great job!

The Kimmels said...

You guys have been busy! Here's hoping the next few months are a little easier :) Your kids are so adorable, I love seeing their little faces.

Marcie said...

Just reading this now. Never a dull moment! Love the pink cast. My 9-year-old boy broke his thumb in January and he chose a purple one.