Monday, January 3, 2011

Babies' 1st Christmas

We had a wonderful first Chrismas with the babies.  We enjoyed every second of it.  I posted a lot of new pictures. 

Camdyn and Cade are really interacting a lot more with each other.  It is so fun to watch them.

Cade decided he likes eating Camdyn's hand - just not food!

Cade got his first haircut from Nanny on Christmas Eve. 

looking handsome!

Mommy with her sweet baby boy on his 1st Christmas

Mommy with her precious baby girl on her 1st Christmas

Here's an example of how impossible it is for us to get a good group picture.  Brenna did not want to take a picture so she has a scowl on her face, Cade decided he did not want Camdyn in the picture, and Camdyn is just trying to figure out why her brother is pushing her away.  This is my life!   ( . . . and I'm still smiling!)

Camdyn on her present

Cade eating wrapping paper - again anything but food! 

our precious kiddos on Christmas morning - It took Jim and I a while to get used to seeing 5 stockings hanging on our fireplace.  It looks like so many!  Five looks like so much more than the 3 we had last year.

Who really is Santa's favorite?  Oh, how could he pick; just look at how adorable they are!

Cade loved his new toy.  He was so interested in it.

Cade making big smiles for Aunt April.  He was giggling too.  It was precious.

"Too much Christmas; I'm tired!"

Daddy and Camdyn are tired too.  Look at her sweet little hand on Daddy's face. 

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Lachelle said...

So precious! I love all the pictures of the family. God bless each of you and I pray you all have a wonderful new year!