Sunday, February 27, 2011

Babies' First Trip to the Park

The babies went on their very first trip to the park.  They enjoyed looking around at everything.  They were probably confused by where they were - it wasn't home or a doctor's office.  Hopefully, the appointments will become less frequent and trips to the park will become more frequent.   The park equipment has never been cleaner.  I wiped down the swing with Lysol wipes before the babies sat in it.  I'm glad that no other moms were at the park to stare at me like I was crazy.  I haven't always been crazy!  Here are some pictures from the babies' first trip to the park.

Big Sister Brenna

Cade loved the swing.

Daddy holding Camdyn up in the air, but she wasn't so sure about that.

Camdyn relaxing in the swing.  She is rarely calm like this.  She is usually a petite ball of energy.

me and my kiddos at the park

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Andrea and Jason Farrell said...

What fun! I'm so happy for y'all. May that be the first of many, many fun outings to anywhere but the doctor. :) Hope we get to meet you at the park someday soon.