Sunday, February 6, 2011

10 Months Old (6 months adjusted)


Camdyn and Cade are now 10 months old which means they are only 6 months adjusted.  We go to the pediatrician this week, so I will have current weights at that time.  We've started therapies for both babies at a new place last week.  I think I am really going to like it.  Cade is getting speech therapy to work on eating once a week and physical therapy twice a month.  Camdyn is getting physical therapy once a month.  They both still get occupational therapy twice a month through ECI. 

Camdyn is now rolling all over the place and getting into everything.  She is a very determined little girl.  If she wants something, she will find a way to roll and scoot until she can get to it.  She has started to do the army crawl, and it is so adorable.  Her preferred method of movement is to arch back like she is in a backbend and push off with her feet.  Her therapist said this is a bad habit and we should flip her over to encourage her to crawl every time we see her doing that.  Now we spend most of the day flipping her over.  Camdyn is balancing a little better in a sitting position but she still needs help with it.

Cade finally rolled over!  He rolled from his tummy to his back.  I still haven't seen him roll from his back to his tummy.  I was very excited to see him roll over.  He is such a content baby that he is content with whichever way you lay him, and he just stays that way.  While I wish he had a little more drive to roll over and/or crawl, his easy-going personality makes him the best cuddler.  I love rocking and cuddling him because he is so content to be cuddling with you.  Camdyn only likes to cuddle when she is very sleepy.  Otherwise, she has places to go and things to get into.  Their personalities definitely mirror mine and Jim's.

 I love taking pictures of them sleeping.  Look how they fit together like puzzle pieces. 

My babies baking with me. 

Brenna in the snow on our back deck.  It actually snowed a little in Texas.

Brenna eating the snow.

The deck was great for collecting snow.  She got to play with clean snow instead of the muddy snow that collects in the yard.

Even though we never have successful feeding times, I thought I should take some pictures anyways.  Camdyn does like to grab the spoon and chew on it, but she becomes uninterested in eating very quickly.

 Cade has become slightly better at taking a few bites.  He no longer screams when a bottle nipple or spoon touches his lips, so that is progress.  Progress is so slow that you almost forget that you have made any progress at all.  When I feed both of them, they finish only 1/4 of a jar of baby food together. 

Camdyn has decided she would much rather take a nap than eat her peaches.

"Now this is more like it.  Let's just pretend to eat and drink."  Brenna and Camdyn having a tea party.

Look at that smile! 

Look at that blue-eyed handsome boy!

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