Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Therapy, Milestones, & More!


In the last month, the babies have learned so much.  Every milestone they reach amazes me.  As 1 pound babies, I wasn't sure if we would be able to watch them learn how to roll over, sit, crawl, stand up, etc.  It is so different this time around.  While it was fun and delightful to watch Brenna reach each milestone, it was also expected from the time she was born.  There was no doubt that she would do those things.  This time around, I am not only delighted when they learn something new, I am overcome with joy and a feeling of being blessed.

  Camdyn is now scooting/crawling/rolling everywhere!  Today she moved herself from the living room to the playroom.  I couldn't find her at first and was shocked that she was mobile enough to move herself into another room.

Cade sitting all by himself.  He has become a lot more stable and can sit for a longer period without any support.  We still have to be there when he topples over, but he is getting a lot better at sitting.  Look at that smile; he is so proud.

Camdyn getting ready to crawl.

Camdyn is still not good at eating.  She is finally getting better at taking her bottles, but solids are a different story.  We usually make a huge mess and she might take about 5 bites after all the work.  I have discovered that she will chew on the spoon with food on it if I let her hold the spoon.  She definitely likes to be in control of the situation.

Here Cade is at therapy to work on learning how to eat.  The therapist starts by letting him play with some toys and acclimate himself to sitting in the high chair.

Then he is encouraged to bring the toys to his mouth.  After that, she uses the jiggler to "wake" his mouth and tongue.  Then after all of that he is "presented" with the bottle or food.  For now, the "presentation" means putting liquid or food on his lips and letting him taste and discover that.

Amazingly, he is generally pretty happy during his session.  His therapist lets him set the pace, and she is very good with him.  I wish she could move in and feed him every time.  Maybe I should offer that - we have a whole upstairs she could use.  Free lodging, all bills paid; just feed my kid!

 Cade at home with Mr. Elephant.  The fact that he is happily letting Mr. Elephant jiggle on his tongue is INCREDIBLE!  Let me remind you for those who may have forgotten.  He used to gag/cough when we would put anything even on his lips, i.e. pacifier, bottle nipple.  We still have a loooooooong way to go before eating, but any progress is good progress.  If a person takes "baby steps" to get to a goal, Cade takes "micro-preemie steps" to get to a goal which is appropriate and fitting for him.

Cade and Camdyn down on the floor after physical therapy.

Camdyn showing how she can sit all by herself too.

Now that the babies have better control, I can sit them in their bumbo chairs to play with Brenna.  Here they all are in Brenna's new playhouse.  Brenna is having so much fun with them now that they can at least sit by her.  She has enough imagination for all three of them.  I love listening to her play because she talks for herself, Camdyn, and Cade.  So cute!

Camdyn showing how she can stand up like a big girl.  Really I don't know how she does it on those tiny feet.  She wears a size newborn-1 shoe.  That would be like a 1 month old baby standing up!

Mommy and Camdyn

Mommy and Cade

Camdyn is such a girl!  She can go from this (above) to this (below) in seconds.  Too funny!  She takes after her Mommy and big sister.  Cade and Daddy are going to have to stick together with 3 women like this in the house.

Brenna, Camdyn, and Cade getting a wagon ride on the back deck from cousin Brylee.

"Sister, we've had a long day!"

I can't help but take a ton of pictures of them sleeping.  They always look so adorable together.  I'm sure they wish I would quit flashing the camera at them all the time when they are trying to sleep.

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You've got lots of great pics here! Your kids are cute cute and more cute! :)