Monday, April 18, 2011

Camdyn & Cade's 1st Birthday!

Camdyn and Cade turned 1 on April 5th.  We had their birthday party on April 2nd.  It was perfect!  For many of our friends, it was the first time they had a chance to meet our babies because of our winter seclusion.  The babies had a great time.  They loved looking around at everyone.  They also enjoyed eating on all the tissue paper and wrapping paper from their presents.  They have been enjoying playing with all of their new toys too.

Here's their super cute monkey cake!

 I decorated the table in half with a side for Cade in all blue and a side form Camdyn in all pink. 

They didn't really feel like smiling for the picture, but I think this picture is cute with Cade eating Camdyn's tutu.  I think he is saying, "Hey Mom, you've been wanting me to eat for a long time now but you didn't specify what." 

Camdyn's adorable bottom!

a family picture

Cade and Camdyn at the table.  Camdyn was fascinated with the balloon on her chair.

Bring on the cake!

Cade attacking his cupcake.  We all have seen pictures of kids smashing their first birthday cakes and making a huge mess, but for a kid with a former serious oral aversion, this is simply AMAZING!  Just a few months before their party, I felt sad because I wasn't sure if they would be at all interested in their first birthday cakes.  I thought that would be one more thing standing in our way of "normal".  So much to my delight, they both smashed their cupcakes like every other one year old and I was so proud!

Camdyn trying out her cupcake.  Overall, Camdyn was much daintier in her cupcake eating.

my Smurf baby - I love how his eyes match his messy face and fingers.

Twins = 2 X the mess

After a middle-of-the-party-bath, Camdyn and Cade opened their presents.

Happy Birthday to my sweet miracles.  You both amaze me every day!

12 Month (8 months adjusted update)

Camdyn - Camdyn is now crawling everywhere very well.  She has also started pulling up on things and even cruising a little.  Most babies are a lot taller than she is when they start pulling up on things.  She has a hard time pulling up on things like the sofa, etc. because they are too tall for her.  She pulls up in her crib all the time, and in the morning she is standing up and grinning at me when I come in their room.  It is so cute! 

She gained a little.  She now weighs 15 lbs. 6 oz.  She is still no where near being on the chart for weight, but she is in the 10th percentile for height on the regular one year old charts!

Feeding is still a struggle.  She is doing very well with baby food, but she still hates her bottles.  We've tried lots of different formulas to no avail.  She makes up her mind when she wants to take her bottles and when she doesn't, and when she has made up her mind to refuse it, there is no convincing her otherwise.

Cade - Cade is rolling over with ease now.  He can army crawl now but has to be coaxed to do it.  He is just so content all the time that he has no desire to go anywhere.  I really wish he could be a little more motivated to move.  I think Camdyn stole all of his motivation, and he stole all of her contentment.  He is getting weekly physical therapy to help with motor skills.

Cade lost a whole pound this last month.  We think it is because he has been tube fed a lot less, and we are going more on his hunger cues to feed him.  We expected some weight loss but not a whole pound.  Now I am fattening up all of his food with oils, avocados, etc. too like I do for Camdyn.

Cade has made significant improvement in eating.  His feeding therapist, who he sees weekly, is awesome.  I am just so overjoyed that he is actually eating now!


Sarah Pope said...

I LOVE the birthday cake! So cute how one half is blue and the other half is pink! I am so impressed with how your liitle munchkins ate their cake...Samuel wasn't that interested in his. Looks like the party was a success. Congrats on making it through such a rough year. Someone should throw us preemie moms a party too!

Julie Harmon said...

Happy birthday, babies! I turned 40 the same day.. :)

The Moline Family said...

What an adorable couple of micro preemie miracles!! I can't believe you live right down the street from our little micro preemie miracle and we haven't had a play date yet. I think these guys would get along smashingly!