Tuesday, May 10, 2011

March for Babies

We walked in the March of Dimes' March for Babies on May 7 downtown.  It was a great experience.  There were over 8,000 walkers.  Some were walking for their own premature babies, some were walking for friends, and others were walking in memory of babies.  There was one very large group of walkers walking in memory of twin boys who did not make it.  They were born at 23 weeks.  That weighed heavy on my heart because although I always wish my babies had had just a few more weeks in the womb, I couldn't help but think that this mom would have given anything for her babies to have had just one more week in the womb like mine did. 

It was awesome to see all the people out to support more research to ensure that all babies have a stronger and healthier start in life.  With the support of our family and friends, we raised $715!  Thank you to all of you who donated - Granny & Pa, Kathy & Russell, Grandma Hensel, Grannie Stahmer, Fred & Lisa Adamcik, Mom, Dad & Roxanne, Bridget Brandt, Sandra Glasier, Charlotte Hachenberg, Carol Johnson, Kimber & Jason Locke, Terina Martinez, Holly & Jason McBroom, Joan Rice, Leonita Sanders & the Carmine Bunco Group, Ellen & Andrew Weichert, and John & Joyce Wied.  A special thanks to our top sponsors - Kimber & Jason!

Here are some of the pictures from our walk. 

Riding in the stroller was just too tiring for Camdyn so she had a little nap during the walk.  Doesn't she look so precious?

Cade was his usual "chill" self just strolling along taking in the downtown scenery.

We stopped on the Congress bridge to take a quick picture.

Daddy at the finish line with the kiddos.

 It is awe-inspiring to me that only one year ago, our babies looked like this (1 month old - 3 lbs and 2 lbs on CPAP) and we were practically living at the NICU.  We are in such a better place now that it literally takes my breath away!  They are now healthy, growing, reaching milestones, and strolling downtown!  Unbelievable!  And, Cade started crawling on Sunday too.  Yay, Cade!

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Terina said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, Michelle! Looks like it was a great day for a walk!! The kiddos are all adorable, and it looks like they enjoyed the excursion.