Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sprinkler Park Fun!

I took the kids to a sprinkler park last week.  I don't think I will be able to take all three to a swimming pool by myself, but the sprinkler park was perfect.  I was quite proud of myself for taking them all on my own.  We managed pretty well too. 

Cade was not a big fan of the cold water so after a while I put him back in the stroller which he seemed happy about.  Then Camdyn and Brenna played, and Camdyn watched Brenna run around through the water. 

Camdyn is under that big hat somewhere.

Brenna paused for a quick photo with the babies.

Brenna playing with Camdyn.

my favorite picture - Camdyn's hat is almost bigger than she is!

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Andrea and Jason Farrell said...

That's impressive that you took all three kids to the sprinkler park by yourself! I should try that instead of the swimming pool since it was way too much work with my trio. Maybe we could meet there sometime!