Friday, May 13, 2011

More frustration with Grey's Anatomy

Does anyone still watch Grey's?  It's frustrating the heck out of me, but I still watch it.  In the last episode, they show Mark holding the baby hanging out in the hospital practically the whole show.  It's almost comical to me that their 23 week baby has no ng tube taped to her face, no cannula in her nose, no oxygen tank to lug around, nothing!  What's crazier is that they are taking this micro-preemie  with a seriously compromised immune system who is highly susceptible to germs to hang out in a hospital full of sick people!  This is all so fake, so not accurate to actually having a micro-preemie that all you can do is laugh.  I want to say to them, "Why did you even go there?  You are not ready to take on the story line of a micro-preemie.  It's much too complicated to fit in an hour show."  I guess that's why they just skip over the whole ordeal and act like everything is just peachy now that the baby is home because you know that's just how it is for real micro-preemie parents when they bring their baby home.  LOL!!!!!

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Sarah Pope said...

Haha FOR REAL. It was almost as hard being at home those first 6 months as it was being in the NICU! Surely some fans are writing in to tell them how ridiculous they are!