Friday, May 20, 2011

They are Turning into Little People!

I have had so much fun with the babies and Brenna lately.  We have been doing so many normal things like going to the park, going to the splash pad, going out to lunch, going to the bookstore, etc.  It is a lot of work to get everyone ready to go out and do things, but I am enjoying it so much after not being able to go anywhere with them all winter long. 

You hear people say they wish their babies could stay small for longer.  Not me.  Since the moment they were born, I wanted them to get big and healthy.  It feels like they were infants for so very long - much longer than a year.  I am thrilled that they are turning into toddlers and becoming little people!

Their personalities are really developing.  Camdyn is a go-getter, can't-sit-still, on the move kind of gal, but she is starting to get separation anxiety when mommy goes into another room.  She doesn't want to be held and cuddled; she just wants to know that I am nearby.  Cade is mostly laid-back and definitely a cuddler.  He loves to be held.  He would like to be held all day if I had the time.

Cade has made a lot of progress with motor development.  He learned to crawl two weeks ago, and he has really mastered it now.  He can crawl all over the house now.  He is almost able to pull up on things.  He gets to his knees with one foot up, but doesn't seem to have either enough strength or coordination yet to get all the way up.  If we stand him up though, he can stand and play for a long time before falling down.  Cade can now wave bye-bye, do pat-a-cake, give high fives, and the best part, give kisses.  He says "dadadadada" and "mamamama" and we think he does it when he wants us.  It is so awesome to see him interacting with us.  It really just makes me so happy that they are both progressing so well.

Camdyn is now pulling up on everything and even cruising.  She just started standing and holding on to the couch or toy table with only one hand.  She has good control and balance.  Camdyn has a lot of new "tricks" as well.  She can wave bye-bye, do pat-a-cake, and give high fives too.  She is not so great at giving kisses because she can't sit still for that long.  She loves to shake her head no also, usually when you are trying to feed her.  About a week ago, she completely surprised me by saying "buh-bye".  I really couldn't even believe it at first.  She also says "mama" and "dada".  I think she is trying to say other words too.  I figured speech would be very delayed because of their extreme prematurity.  A nurse in the NICU told us, "Don't tell her she's little; she doesn't know it."  That has definitely been true for Camdyn.  It's really cute when you ask her to do "pat-a-cake" because she claps her hands together.  Then she starts going through her bag of tricks and waving bye-bye, giving high fives, and shaking her head no.   

Here they are standing and playing.  Look how much taller Cade is than Camdyn.

Here Camdyn is waving hi to her brother but it looks like she is grabbing his ear.

Like I said, the babies are into EVERYTHING!  I opened the fridge for just a second and there they were.  Notice that Cade thinks he needs some wine for breakfast.

Here's a family shot when we took the babies to church for the first time on Mother's Day.  It was neat to finally be able to take them so the congregation who prayed endlessly for them could meet them.  Thank you for all your prayers.

Finally, I had to include this adorable picture of my big girl.  This is before dance class.  Isn't she a beauty?

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Lachelle said...

Oh Michelle... how wonderful it is to see the babies growing and doing well. I love the family picture of you all. And Brenna is the picture of beauty! She's growing up so fast.