Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Have Words!

Watching Camdyn and Cade turn into little people now is so much fun.  They are developing very distinct personalities.  They know what they want and can usually communicate enough with me now to get it.  They both are talking a lot more.  Cade repeats nearly everything you ask him to say and uses words to get what he wants most of the time like "up", "down", "out", "buckle" to get out of the car seat, "dink" for a drink, "eat", etc.  Camdyn is repeating more words now, but she struggles more to make the correct sound.  I'm happy she is trying.  That is huge progress.  When she couldn't say a word before, she would shake her head no telling us she didn't even want to try.  Her vocabulary is expanding every day now, and she is becoming more comfortable with trying new words even when they don't come out right.  We found out that our insurance is going to pay for speech therapy after several appeals.  Yay!

I took a video of all their new words, but it doesn't want to upload for some reason.  Here are some of my favorite things they are saying now:

1.  "sissy" or "shishee" for "sister"
2.  "cool" - sometimes "sissy cool" meaning we need to pick up Sissy from school.  They know when we pass by her school.  I can not drive by the school during the day unless we are there to pick her up.  They flip out, pointing to the window saying "sissy cool" over and over, then cry when we don't get her.  Very sweet but also sad!
3.  "nanu", "shashoo", "la oo" which all mean "love you".  It seems to come out different each time, but no matter how it comes out, it makes my heart melt!
4.  "dan cass" for "dance class".  They both love the Music & Movement class I teach at my studio.  They get very excited to go to "dan cass".
5.  "pay" or "pay ow side" for "play outside".  Cade does a lot better with putting two words together.  We are working on putting two words together with Camdyn
6.  "skeez" for "squeeze".  This is my new favorite.  When I ask Camdyn for a "squeeze" now, she wraps her skinny little arms around my neck and gives the daintiest little hug you can imagine and says "skeez".  I LOVE it!

I know most 2 year olds are speaking in sentences or at least phrases that are much more complex than two words, but I can honestly say that I am just happy to be seeing progress.  I know that once Camdyn gets more comfortable with speech and producing sounds and words, she will be talking all the time!

This video decided to upload correctly.  Here's Camdyn and Cade having a dance party with their cousin, Brylee.  We love when Brylee comes over.  She says she is going to be a therapist when she grows up, and if she decides to pursue that, she is going to make a great one.  When she comes over, it's like getting free speech, occupational, and physical therapy all at once, and the kids adore her!

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The Kimmels said...

Yay, mom! Way to be persistent with insurance :) Such a cute video, I love Camdyn's hair!