Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We're Still Here

We're still here!  I promise.  We took Brenna to Disneyland a few weeks ago (post coming soon).  We had a blast, but since we've been home, I feel like time is flying by. We returned knowing that Brenna had been complaining about her ear hurting.  When we went to pick up Camdyn and Cade from my mom's house, she told me Camdyn had been saying/signing "hurt" and pointing to her ears.  I made an appointment the next day and found out Brenna had an ear infection and Camdyn had double ear infections.  Welcome home!  We medicated everyone and the ears got better.  Then this past week, Brenna was telling me that her tummy hurt when she walked, and she was running fever.  After giving her Tylenol regularly, her temperature spiked up to 104 at which point I freaked out!  I packed all the kids up into the car and headed to the ER.  That temperature was way too high for my comfort.  Maybe it's the micro-preemie mama in me, but I'm not taking any chances.  They ran several tests and found nothing thankfully.  It was a bad stomach virus.  She continued to run extremely high fever through the next day, but it finally broke.  Fortunately, she did a good job of not sharing her germs with the rest of us.

I could say that all the sickies around here are to blame for my lack of posts lately, but the truth is I'm pretty addicted to this show that's been on (the Olympics).  I stay up way too late and spend far too much time watching it.  It will be over soon, so I will get back to more regular posts.

My second post as a guest blogger on is up today.  I describe my struggles to attempt breastfeeding my micro-preemies. 

I'm off to watch a little more Olympics for the night.

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Angie said...

Glad to hear it wasn't anything more serious and that you are all well now. I have been awful about posting too, someday soon, I hope :)