Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brenna's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Brenna had been looking forward to going to "big girl school" for over a year.  She was so excited when the first day of kindergarten finally rolled around.  She even told me, "It's okay, Mommy.  You don't have to be sad because I'm excited to go to kindergarten."  I realized I was the one who needed to be a big girl after she told me that. 

Here is my big girl on her very first day of kindergarten.

Brenna posing for a picture for Mommy by her locker.  She liked that it had her name on it.

After she put her backpack in her locker and found her name at the table, she just sat down and began coloring.  Long gone were the tears of her first pre-school days.  No tears in sight.  When I asked her if it was okay if I left now, she told me, "Yeah.  Bye Mommy.  Love you."  That's when I had to hold back my tears.  My baby is growing up.  I imagine it will be twice as hard when my baby babies both say, "Bye Mommy.  Love you." on their first day of kindergarten.

Brenna has had 3 days of school now, and she has remained just as excited as she was on the first day.  I'm taking that as a good sign that she is enjoying school.  I look forward to being able to volunteer at her school sometimes when the twins are at pre-school.  I wasn't able to be very involved at pre-school since I was taking care of the twins.  It will be nice to have the opportunity now. 

Camdyn hasn't taken sissy being gone very well.  Cade doesn't seem to care.  Camdyn has continually asked me "get sissy?" throughout the day.  I think she is either really worried about her or misses her a lot or maybe both.  When we passed by Target, Camdyn must have thought it looked like a school because she got really excited saying, "sissy, sissy, sissy".  It was so sad to have to tell her sissy wasn't there. 


Marcie said...

Hooray for Brenna! She looks so happy and pretty too!

Angie said...

Yay for kinder. We are missing big sis too. Did I read correctly...are the twins going to preschool.!?

Michelle said...

Yes, the twins are going to preschool! I'm really excited about them starting. I can't wait to see how much they will pick up from being around other kids their age.