Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Preemie Power Kickoff Event

We attended the Preemie Power Kickoff event last weekend at the Dell Diamond.   The Preemie Power photo/essy contest is hosted by Hand to Hold, an organization offering support for NICU families and families who have experienced a loss.  Last year, Camdyn and Cade were the Preemie Power winners in their age category.  They won a wagon full of prizes and were given these adorable superhero capes.  We had a great time at the event and saw several of our NICU buddies.

Superhero Camdyn making her grand entrance.

Superhero Cade with his Super Big Sis making their grand entrance.

Cade giving Spike, the mascot, a high five.  Camdyn wanted nothing to do with Spike, the balloon-making clown, or the dressed-up superheros at the photo booth.  It really spooks her when people are in costume. I wonder how Halloween is going to be this year for her.

Camdyn sporting her super cute Preemie Power t-shirt that they were giving away.  It says, "A Hero Before the Age of Zero."  How cute!

Brenna and Aunt BB showing off their new balloon butterfly wings.  I love that they gave Brenna a "Super Sibling" sticker to wear. 

After the celebration, we watched the baseball game.  The twins lasted much longer than I thought they would.  Camdyn was sure she was supposed to go on the field and play baseball with the grown men.  She kept saying, "I baseball" and pointing to herself and pointing to the field. 

I encourage all of you preemie mamas out there to enter your kids in this year's essay/photo contest.  In fact, I wish I would have waited until this year to enter because the grand prize this year is a trip to Disneyland.  Last year, there were entries from 29 different states and Canada.  It's a great way to share your story, inspire others, and raise awareness about prematurity.  To read more about the contest, go to

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