Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cousin Fun!

I'm seriously behind on my blogging again, so it's time to play catch up.  A few weeks ago, our nephews came to visit for the weekend.  We made a trip to the Austin Children's Museum via the Metro Rail.  Cade loves trains (what 2 year old boy doesn't?), so he was really excited about riding the train.  Camdyn decided it was a bus and kept saying and signing bus the whole time.  It was nice to have some big boy help.

Blake, Cade, Brenna, Cole, and Camdyn on the train

Everyone posing for a picture that I made them take about 20 times and still didn't get a good one.

They had these chairs to show scale/size.  Camdyn is sitting in a chair that could have been a doll's chair.  It was so tiny, but she fit perfectly.  Everyone thinks I have kids in this order; few people think that Camdyn and Cade are even twins.

On Sunday, my mom met me at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema with my niece and other nephew.  We went to their free showing of Despicable Me.  Good thing it was free because movie tickets for 7 kids and 2 adults would be pretty costly.  I was so proud of Camdyn and Cade.  They made it through the entire movie!  We thought we would have to leave after 20 minutes.

I love that my kids are close to their cousins.  They had such a great time when Blake and Cole came to visit.  They took the longest nap ever after they left.  It's tough to hang with the big boys!

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