Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to Preschool!

Camdyn and Cade started preschool again this year.  They went to the 2s class last year and are now in the 3s.  I told Camdyn her class was called the Fishies class.  She told me, "No, my no wanna be Fishy!"  I asked her what she wanted to be thinking she would say a Bear like she was last year.  She told me, "My wanna be a Princess."  I told her there are no princess classes so she would have to be a fish for now.

They were both so excited about starting school.  Since sissy started school two weeks ago, they have been asking me when do they get to go.  We got up early and started getting ready because I knew taking pictures of them was going to be a challenge.  It was!  I got a few good ones.

They went right in and started playing with the water at the sensory table.  I gave them kisses and left.  No one cried - not even Mommy!  I was really quite relieved for them to go.  They have been getting really bored at the house with sissy at school.

They made this cute hand print art on their first day.  I think it is crazy how much bigger Cade's hands are than Camdyn's!

And, here is why we had to get up super early to get ready to go.  Here's how picture taking goes with these two:

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